Deborah Lippa-Ciotta

THD Guest Picture.

Dance Guest Artist

Deborah Lippa-Ciotta will provide a guest lecture on teaching methods on Monday, February 14, 2022.

Deborah joined the Tapestry faculty in 2006 and is thrilled to be part of this wonderful school.  She graduated from SUNY Brockport with her BS in Dance and an MA in Dance Education. As part of her undergraduate program, she studied at the Middlesex Polytechnic School of Arts and Performance in London, England.  Deborah is K-12 New York State Certified in Dance, currently teaches K-5 Dance at Tapestry, and has been a public-school dance educator for 28 years. She is also the director of Creative Dance for Children Classes for ages 3-18 and Pleien Dance Company, a modern dance performing group for ages 7-18.  In 2011 she presented a Creative Dance Seminar at the School of Vera & Regina Alexopoulou in Athens, Greece sharing creative dance best practices and Tapestry’s dance curriculum.  In 2012, she attended the Summer Dance Institute for Teachers in Seattle, Washington. This Brain-Compatible Dance Education course was created and taught by Anne Green Gilbert who is an internationally known author and dance educator.  Ms. Deborah recently presented at the NYSDEA, (New York State Dance Educators Association), Conference at New York University in February, 2016, sharing our 4th Grade “Dance Around the World” curriculum model.

She is currently the NYSDEA Secretary and with the New York State Department of Education, has been engaged in reviewing the new state standards for dance and serving as a consultant for training teachers in New York State on the new standards.  Ms. Deborah is also a member of NDEO (National Dance Education Organization) and daCi (Dance and the Child International) organization and often attends national and international conferences.