Arielle Cole (BFA 2007)

Arielle Cole.

Photo by Kavan Lake

Arielle Cole is a choreographer, performer, and dance educator. She holds a BFA in Dance from University at Buffalo, and MFA in Dance and Masters of Management from Mills College. Some of her professional credits include Keshet Dance Company, World Dance Fusion, PERSpectives Dance Company, Aleño Dance Project, and Velocity Arts & Entertainment. In 2018, Arielle started her dance company, ArcTangent Dance, with a vision of creating a professional dance company that provides exhilarating work to both performers and audiences. Her choreographic interests revolve around democratizing both the creation process of a project, as well as the audience experience. Learn more by visiting

Artistic Director of ArcTangent Dance in San Jose, CA

Dancer: Keshet Dance Company in Albuquerque, NM. PERSpectives Dance Company in San Jose, CA. Velocity Arts & Entertainment in San Francisco, CA. Aleño Dance Project in Oakland, CA.

Choreographer & Performer for Stravinsky's "A Soldier's Story" with Peninsula Symphony Orchestra in Palo Alto, CA.

Choreographer for "Spamalot" with Pintello Comedy Theater in Gilroy, CA

MFA in Dance and Masters of Management from Mills College in Oakland, CA.