UB Theatre and Dance Presents: Emerging Choreographers Showcase

UB Katharine Cornell Theatre
November 10-11, 2023 @ 7:30 pm
November 12, 2023 @ 2:00 pm

Director: Anne Burnidge

Graduate Assistant: Amelia Rojek

Assistant to the Director: Selena Pereyra

Choreographers: Tari Civerolo, Sophia Fino, Amanda Healey, Rebecca Leonard, Katy Maddalina, Delia Mandik, Selena Pereyra, Amelia Rojek, Dani Schofer, Mya Tran

Choreographic Mentors: Melanie Aceto, Michael Deeb Weaver, Jeanne Fornarola, Chanon Judson, Ariel Nereson, Kerry Ring, Jenna Zarvel

Production Stage Manager: Hannah S. Wolland
Lighting Supervisor: Nicholas Quinn
Lighting Designers: Theresa Banks, Scott Borish, Joyce Cheng, John DellaContrada, Sheila Fastoff, Quinn Petkus, Aurora Shao, Mallory Tirone, Tony Tong
Associate Lighting Designers: Ethan Brod, Catherine Powell
Sound Designer: Noah Beckwith


Shannon Brien, Sarah Chowaniec, Tari Civerolo, Sophia Clute, Lily Colligan, Erinn Cosgrove, Erin Devine, Lyla Giallombardo, Lauren Guarna, Isabella Guerrucci, Abby Hankinson, Ella Hankinson, Kenny Harrison, Rachel Hunt, Kendra Jones, Grace Lamanna, Rebecca Leonard, Mackenzie Leone, Mario Liguori, Katy Maddalina, Morgan Mahoney, Delia Mandik, Gia Maresca, Leah McNerney, Ariana Mullin, Kiera Oppelt, Vic Oshman-Bruce, Ariana Parsons, Selena Pereyra, Mia Pierce, Abby Postle, Grace Rezin, Lauren Saab, Violet Schraver, Kira Sethi, Maddie Sipowicz, Adriana Vetcha, Jasmine White, Audree Woods, Grace Wythe, Jessamy Zarragoitia

AUDIENCE DISCRETION ADVISED: This production contains flashing lights.


if I give less, would You want me more?
Mya Tran
Dancers: Shannon Brien, Sophia Clute, Ella Hankinson, Mackenzie Leone, Ariana Mullin, Jasmine White
Music: “Miembro a Miembro” by Bella Porter and “No Face” by Hayley Heynderickx
Lighting Design: Joyce Cheng

Amelia Rojek and dancers
Dancers: Tari Civerolo, Lyla Giallombardo, Gia Maresca, Grace Rezin
Music: “Etude 1A” by Nico Muhly and Nadia Sirota, "Epic" by Scottish Fish
Lighting Design: Scott Borish

Sparks Fly
Katy Maddalina
Dancers: Erinn Cosgrove, Erin Devine, Leah McNerney, Vic Oshman-Bruce, Lauren Saab, Audree Woods
Music: “Dream Sweet in Sea Major” by Miracle Musical
Lighting Design: Tony Tong

: Tari Civerolo
Dancers: Lyla Giallombardo, Isabella Guerrucci, Grace Lamanna, Gia Maresca, Selena Pereyra, Kira Sethi, Maddie Sipowicz, Jessamy Zarragoitia
Music: “Friends Chatting, Muffled, Other Room Noise to Sleep (Asmr)” by SleepTherapy, “SAPIOSEXUALITY” by BrokinPaper, “Cherished Moments” by Moonlight Echoes
Lighting Design: Theresa Banks

I’ll Be Standing in the Wings
Delia Mandik
Dancers: Sophia Clute, Rachel Hunt, Kendra Jones, Rebecca Leonard, Morgan Mahoney, Ariana Mullin, Adriana Vetcha, Grace Wythe
Music: "Don't You Worry ‘Bout A Thing" by Stevie Wonder, "Queen of the Banshees - Nico Moreno Remix" by Sara Landry and Nico Moreno, "There's No Place for Me - Live" by Harry Allen and Martin Sasse
Lighting Design: John DellaContrada


A Dream We Lived
Rebecca Leonard
Dancers: Shannon Brien, Mario Liguori, Leah McNerney, Ariana Mullin, Abby Postle, Audree Woods
Other Performers: Tari Civerolo, Lyla Giallombardo, Delia Mandik
Music: “Starburst” by Spyro Gyra, “iPhone Alarm” by Totej, “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley, “Summer Time” by Vybz Kartel
Lighting Design: Quinn Petkus

The Privilege of Safety
Dani Schofer in collaboration with the dancers
Student Assistant: Rae Miller
Dancers: Isabella Guerrucci, Kenny Harrison, Katy Maddalina, Morgan Mahoney, Mia Pierce, Lauren Saab
Music: "Other than Order" by Dani Schofer
Lighting Design: Sheila Fastoff

Make Your Move
Choreography: Amanda Healey
Dancers: Lauren Guarna, Kiera Oppelt, Grace Rezin, Violet Schraver
Music: “Diabolique” by Raphaël Beau, “Tetris Theme (Korobeiniki)” by Alexey Pajitnov, Andrew Skeet, & London Philharmonic Orchestra, “I’m Still Standing” (Phattrax Bootleg) by Elton John, arranged by Clapham
Lighting Design: Mallory Tirone

Where Are You?
Sophia Fino
Dancers: Sarah Chowaniec, Lily Colligan, Abby Hankinson, Ariana Parsons, Selena Pereyra, Mia Pierce, Adriana Vetcha
Music: “Dream” by Dean Martin, “Great Day” by Senking, “Dream” by The Pied Pipers
Lighting Design: Aurora Shao

Selena Pereyra
Dancers: ECS Cast
Music: “My Sweet Summer Suite” by The Love Unlimited Orchestra
Lighting Design: Catherine Powell

VIDEO WARNING: The videotaping or other video of audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

Assistant Stage Manager: Amarya Genesis
Head Electricians: Ethan Brod, Catherine Powell
Light Board Programmer: Mallory Tirone
Light Board Operator: Nina Rozenberg
Sound Board Operator: Noah Beckwith
Deck Crew: N.J. Wingo
Dresser Supervisor: Dakota Gorny
Dressers: Nathan Eck, Gabi Marshall
Production Videographer: Amelia Rojek

Season Graphics: Elisabetta Antonacci
Costume Shop Assistants: Ein Ayala, Jen Marquez
Sound Supervisor: Joyce Cheng
Projection Designers: Ethan Borrok, Braxton Stone
Information Technologist: Braxton Stone
Props Manager: Sheila Fastoff
Carpenter: Luigi LoCascio
Scenic Artist: Katja Rabus
Assistant Scenic Artist: Cameron Thompson

Paint/Props Mentor: Gina Boccolucci
Sound Mentor: Tom Burke
Costume Technician: Judy Curtis
Assistant Costume Shop Manager / Wardrobe Supervisor: Cindy Darling
Production Stage Manager: Melinda J. Lamoreux
Costume Shop Manager: Zechariah Saenz
Senior Staff Assistant: Tom Tucker
Crew Instructor: Hannah S. Wolland
Production Photographer: Ken Smith

Department Chair: Eero Laine
Associate Chair/Producing Director: Lynne Koscielniak
Production Manager: Rick Haug
Assistant Production Manager: Ally Hasselback
Department Administrators: Rachel Olszewski, Veronica Sedota
Senior Staff Assistant: Rob Falgiano
Administrative Assistant: Kristin Mann


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