Faculty Members Accepting PhD Students

This list shows faculty members who are accepting new PhD students for the Fall 2019 semester. Prospective students must list at least one of these faculty members on the online application in the "Enrollment Information Section" under Faculty Member(s) you would like as a mentor.

Faculty Name Research Area

Derek Daniels

Behavioral Neuroscience

Matt Paul

Behavioral Neuroscience

Paul Meyer

Behavioral Neuroscience

Roh-Yu Shen

Behavioral Neuroscience

Panayotis Thanos

Behavioral Neuroscience

Eduardo Mercado

Behavioral Neuroscience/Cognitive

Micheal Dent

Cognitive/Behavioral Neuroscience

Christopher McNorgan Cognitive

Peter Pfordresher


Marieke van Heugten Cognitive
Julie Bowker Clinical
Jennifer Read Clinical

Leonard Simms


Stephen Tiffany Clinical
Kenneth DeMarree Social-Personality

Sandra Murray


Michael Poulin


Mark Seery


Maria Testa