Emerging Practices, Art and Technology


Explore and shape the future of art. Emerging Practices, Art and Technology
is a multidisciplinary studio practice that builds on knowledge of emerging technologies such as interactive multi-media, electronic installation, networked telematic communication, robotic art, three-dimensional simulation, biotechnology, and algorithmic image synthesis.

Emerging Practices, Art and Technology engages the latest technologies, scientific processes and best practices available, while also reclaiming, altering, and appropriating existing technologies through creative re-use for communicative cultural purposes.

The emerging practices and graphic design program areas (EP/GD) maintain four labs.

  • The teaching lab contains 21 Macintosh computers for in-class instruction, design and art making.
  • The open lab provides 68 hours/week access to 18 workstations plus seating for students with portable computers. The area also contains a MakerBot 3D printer and scanner, and a Vinyl Express vinyl cutter as well as a Xerox WorkCentre printer for high quality output, with a finisher that can fold and staple for small booklet production.
  • The advanced lab houses five computers and a makerspace for customized electronics experimentation, breadboard engineering and construction, and real-space electronic art making.
  • The audio lab contains one mixing/editing workstation and a sound isolation booth for voice and small instrument recording.