• UB climbs in undergrad entrepreneurship ranking

    Entrepreneur magazine and The Princeton Review have again named the University at Buffalo one of the country’s top schools for undergraduate entrepreneurship studies.

  • The power of reflecting upon legacy

    Study reveals how to unlock the ‘Andrew Carnegie Effect’ to address societal issues.

  • Team Alice, UB’s study of medication harm in older adults, receives $1.95 million national grant

    Funding to support interdisciplinary research into older patients’ journey throughout health care system

  • Study looks at RNA’s solo act on the ever-changing stage of cellular dynamics

    RNA, in the limelight for its starring role in cutting-edge vaccine technology, is also a key player in the inner workings of cells.

  • UB AI expert David Doermann testifies before Congress on threat of deepfakes

    The U.S. isn't 'moving fast enough to curtail the continued damage' deepfakes are doing, he says.

  • UB tops in New York for computer infrastructure awards

    NSF funding points to UB’s statewide leadership in computing resources, AI and data science capabilities.

  • Architects team up to support individuals experiencing food insecurity in downtown Toronto 

    Drawing for Food initiative puts donated architectural drawings and illustrations up for auction, with all proceeds going to Toronto Food Not Bombs.

  • Analytics/AI conference brings new perspectives to businesses and higher education

    The UB School of Management hosted the first formal gathering of industry experts and academic researchers in Western New York dedicated to exploring the frontiers of data analytics and artificial intelligence. 

  • Study identifies key algae species helping soft corals survive warming oceans

    The algae, from the genus Breviolum, resides inside the coral tissue, forming a symbiotic relationship.

  • Genomic study sheds light on how carnivorous Asian pitcher plants acquired signature insect traps

    The plants’ duplicated genomes may have paved the way for specialized carnivory, as well as separate-sexed plants.