Prototype submitted for emergency FDA approval; could help ease shortage of life-saving PPE.


UB will call on faculty, staff and students to answer kids’ most pressing questions about the COVID-19 pandemic through a live, virtual chat series.


Rogerson — an expert in geography and biostatistics — has been a member of UB’s faculty since 1986.


A UB team has developed a method that dramatically ramps up production of mature human cells in mouse embryos. 


Biologist Soo-Kyung Lee had researched a gene crucial to brain development. Then, her baby, Yuna, was born with a mutation in that gene.


The company is developing iron-based contrast agents for MRI.


Future research could explore whether the molecular traps can be used to remediate water and improve detection of these toxic chemicals.


BUFFALO, N.Y. – In research led by a University at Buffalo pediatric endocrinologist, a drug called golimumab showed that it preserved beta-cell function in children and young adults with newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes, according to findings from a Phase 2 study.


The species’ newly sequenced genome highlights how evolutionary tinkering transforms plants into some of nature’s great chemical-makers.


Such bubble-like structures — crafted without traditional lipid building blocks — could potentially be engineered to deliver drugs, researchers say.