Fall 2020 Seminar Series

Each semester we host the Biological Sciences Seminar Series sponsored in part by the Orrin Foster Lecture Fund. Join us online for the Fall 2020 Seminar Series.

Thursdays online at 4:00 pm. Further information is forthcoming. SAVE THE DATES:

Sept. 3: Nicole Wong and Wenxian Wang, Research Showcase. Time course of activity-dependent changes at the endbulb of Held (Nicole) Jmjd3 builds transcriptional regulatory networks in defining motor neuron subtype diversification (Wenxian); (Hosted by Rusche)

Sept. 10: Michael Buck, UB Biochemistry, Nonribosomal Peptide Biosynthesis: Studies of a Protein Assembly Line. (Hosted by Rusche)

Sept. 24: Andrew Gulick,  UB Structural Biology, Nonribosomal Peptide Biosynthesis: Studies of a Protein Assembly Line. (Hosted by Wang)

Oct 1: Nicholas Leigh, Lund University, (title tbd; Hosted by Hoekstra)

Oct. 8: Xiang-Dong "David" Zhang, Buffalo State College, Poly-SUMO chain modification in control of the progression through mitosis and cytokinesis. (Hosted by Yu)

Oct. 15: Trisha Wittkopp,  University of Michigan, Development and evolution of Drosophila pigmentation: molecular mechanisms and connections to mating behavior. (Hosted by Gokcumen)

Oct 22: Chris Brown, Research Scientist, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Advances in RNAi Therapeutics. (Hosted by Yu)

Oct. 29: Derek Taylor, UB Biological Sciences, RNA virus-host interactions: insights from paleovirology. 

Nov. 5: Alessio Vagnoni, King's College London, Intracellular trafficking and neuronal ageing. (Hosted by Gunawardena)

Nov. 12: Jay Kay, UB Oral Biology, Changing dynamics between phagocytes and oral microbes. (Hosted by Gunawardena)

Nov. 19: Luis Barreiro, University of Chicago, (title tbd; Hosted by Gokcumen)

Dec. 3: Fraser Sim, UB Pharm & Tox (title tbd; Hosted by Xu-Friedman)

Dec. 10: Hyuk-Jae Edward Kwon, UB Oral Biology, Understanding morphogenesis through tooth development. (Hosted by Wang)

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