MS in Medicinal Chemistry

Qing Lin lab.

Students in the MS in Medicinal Chemistry program benefit from the state-of-the-art instrumentation required for modern research in chemistry, as well as close faculty mentorship within a nurturing and supportive graduate community. 

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 30 credit hours are required for the MS degree.

Prerequisites and admission procedures for the MS in Medicinal Chemistry program are identical to the MS in Chemistry program. A BS in Chemistry is an optimal prerequisite, but applicants with bachelor’s degrees in pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences or biological sciences may qualify if their background in the chemical sciences is of sufficient scope and depth. There are no entrance examination requirements for students entering the MS in Medicinal Chemistry program. 

Coursework and Thesis Defense

Of the 30 total required credit hours, students must take six courses (18 credits). From these, three courses must be core courses and three chosen from a specified list of electives. The remaining 12 credit hours are devoted to creative research. At the conclusion of the work, a thesis must be written and orally defended before the student’s research committee of at least two members of the faculty.

Did You Know?

All domestic master's applicants who meet minimum admissions criteria are eligible for an application fee waiver. Such applicants will be considered for a waiver during processing.


Email or contact Prof. Timothy Cook, director of graduate studies, for more information on this program and the admissions process.