Graduate Research Highlights

  • “August 2023: Ming Fang”

    I am interested in researching the development and application of bioorthogonal reagents, particularly hydrazonyl sultones, which are stable tautomers of nitrile imines. My focus is on using these reagents for selective protein modifications in both solutions and live cells to answer biological questions.

  • “August 2023: Sanchita Paul.”

    My research primarily discusses the synthesis and characterization of highly reactive novel zinc(II) and manganese(II) complexes towards catalytic hydrogenation of selected polar substrates. Currently, I am working on exploring the coordination chemistry of the recently discovered bench-stable Mn(III) trichlorido complex in our lab alongside stabilizing highly reactive Zn(II) and Ti(IV) centers with organophosphorus compounds.

  • “July 2023: Brandon Salazar”

    My research focuses on the development of hydrolytically stable phenylenediamine-modified silica particles for chromatographic applications. Another research focus is the study of diarylethene-based photoswitches using liquid and supercritical fluid chromatography.

  • “June 2023: Daniel Lu”

    My research revolves around the role lipids play during necroptosis, particularly investigating the causes of lipid accumulation observed during necroptosis.

  • “May 2023: Daoyang Zhang”

    My research interests are designing, synthesizing, and characterizing polynuclear metalloporphyrin or porphyrin derivative complexes and using these complexes for electrocatalysts for small molecule activation.

  • “April 2023: Elizabeth Kras”

    My research focuses on the design and development of novel iron (III) macrocyclic compounds for use at T1 MRI contrast agents. Currently, I am focused on studying how changing a single coordinating pendant effects the relaxivity of these compounds by using variable field strength NMR and MRI. 

  • “March 2023: Thomas Sobiech”

    Within the Gong lab we’re interested in studying new supramolecular systems. Within this area we have developed novel aromatic oligoamide foldamers and macrocycles for applications in catalysis, transmembrane transport, and molecular recognition. 

  • “February 2023: Jena Congilosi”

    My research focuses on the detection of veterinary antimicrobials and their transformation products in agricultural matrices. Our studies primarily involve the development and application of liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) and high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) methods for the analyses of swine manure and simulated agricultural runoff, to better understand the fate of antimicrobials in the agricultural environment.