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Classics students in Sperlonga.

Classics students and faculty visit Sperlonga, Italy

Meet Jake, the Department of Classics undergraduate Ambassador for the College of Arts and Sciences. College Ambassadors are student volunteers who have been nominated by faculty and staff after demonstrating a commitment to academic excellence and community engagement. 

Jake Pawlush.
Jake Pawlush

What's your best advice for new students?
My advice for new students is no matter the class, study hard and work harder, it will pay off in the end. I would advise against, however, all-nighters. They are never worth it. Learning proper time management is key in order to avoid them.

Alumni Testimonials

A heartfelt thank you to these amazing alums for sharing their stories with us!

  • Joey Williams.
    Joey Williams, PhD '14

    My time as a PhD student in the Department of Classics saw me teaching a variety of courses at UB, serving as a doctoral fellow at the Université de Lausanne, Switzerland, and directing my own excavations in Portugal. While finishing my dissertation I have been teaching classics and Latin at Basis Tucson North, ranked among the top schools both nationally and internationally. The ample opportunities for teaching offered to me as a graduate student have been quite helpful in my current job. When I’m not teaching, I split my time between directing my ongoing field projects in Portugal, revising my dissertation for publication, and playing with my dog. I miss my time as a graduate student in the department, but I’m looking forward to wherever a career in classics takes me next. Update: I just started as a Lecturer in the Department of Humanities and Philosophy at the University of Central Oklahoma (2016).