Graduate Student Directory

Baleani, Benedetta

Monica Barcarolo

Tina Bekkali-Poio

  • BA, Hunter College, CUNY
  • MA, University at Buffalo
  • Sub-area: Roman Archaeology
  • Advisor: Bradley Ault
  • Interests:  Etruscan households, Etruscan textile production, Etruscan sacred space and votive offerings, more–than–human agency, gender archaeology
  • Email:

Thomas Buck

  • BA, Oberlin College
  • MA, University of Maryland
  • Sub-area: Greek History
  • Advisor: Roger Woodard
  • Interests: “Historiography and rhetoric, ancient criticism, Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Herodotus, Thucydides”
  • Email:

Jazz Demetrioff


  • BA Institution: University of Winnipeg (BA Honours)
  • MA Institution: Brock University
  • Sub-area: Roman Archaeology (and History)
  • Advisor: Alessandro Sebastiani
  • Interests: health in antiquity (pharmacology, diseases, and snakes in the medical realm), Roman socio-cultural history, Roman archaeology, Pliny the Elder
  • Email:


Leon Jagels Fernández

  • BA, SUNY New Paltz
  • Sub-area:  Ancient History
  • Advisor:  Bradley Ault
  • Interests:  Mediterranean and Aegean Bronze Age, Minoan and Mycenaean Art and Archaeology, Bronze Age Cultural Exchange, Gender in Antiquity
  • Email:

Robert Gress

Alexandra Heller

  • BA, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • MA, Northern Illinois University
  • Sub-area:  Greek Archaeology
  • Advisor:  Bradley Ault
  • Interests:  Greek sculpture, Hellenistic representations of children, uses of magic in antiquity, representation of emotion in Greek sculpture
  • Email:

Adam Hill

  • BA, Marshall University
  • Sub-area: Language and Literature
  • Advisor:  Roger Woodard
  • Interests: Latin Literature, Greek and Roman Philosophy, Etymology, Mythology, Magic/Ritual, Reception
  • Email:

Charles Hill

John James

  • BA Institution: Hillsdale College, BA in Classical Studies
  • MA Institution: Polis—The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities, MA in Ancient Philology
  • Sub-area: Language and Literature
  • Advisor:  Roger Woodard
  • Interests: Ancient Greek and Latin philology, linguistics, poetics, rhetoric, ancient theories of language, ancient language pedagogy, grammar
  • Email:

Kathryn Joseph

  • BA, Dickinson College
  • MA, Brandeis University
  • Sub-area:  Roman Archaeology
  • Interests:  Roman Art and Archaeology, Women and Gender Studies in Roman Culture
  • Email:

Lisa Liebmann

  • BA, University of Maryland
  • MA, SUNY Buffalo
  • Sub-area:  Mediterranean Archaeology
  • Interests:  Roman Art and Archeology, Latin Poetry and Graffiti, Mosaics, Pompeii, Historical Fiction
  • Email:

Tessa Little

  • BA, Ohio State University
  • MA, Brock University
  • Sub-area: Roman History
  • Advisor:  Stephen Dyson
  • Interests: Greek and Roman Myth; Roman Archaeology; Animals in the Ancient World; Sport and Spectacle; Ethics; Latin literature
  • Email:

Valerie Long

  • BA, Hunter College, CUNY
  • Sub-area: Mediterranean Archaeology
  • Advisor: Alessandro Sebastiani
  • Interests: Roman archaeology, Roman provinces, Pompeii, mosaics, ancient technology, Italian Bronze Age, Bronze Age interconnections, Ancient Glass, Aeolian Islands, and Mediterranean Connectivity
  • Email:

Kathleen McGurty

  • BA, Gettysburg College
  • Sub-area:  Greek Archaeology
  • Advisor:  Bradley Ault
  • Interests:  Greek household archaeology, Gender archaeology, Ancient toys
  • Email:

Joseph Miller

  • BA, St. John’s College
  • MA, St. John’s College
  • Sub-area: Latin and Greek philology
  • Advisor: Roger Woodard
  • Interests: Greek literature, Greek dialect inscriptions, comparative and historical linguistics, Mycenaean
  • Email:

Amy Miu

  • BA, CUNY Interdisplinary Studies/Hunter College
  • Sub-area: Greek Philology
  • Advisor: Roger Woodard
  • Interests: etymology
  • Email:

Madi Pehringer

  • BA - Michigan State University 
  • Sub-area - language and literature
  • Advisor:  Roger Woodard
  • Interests - Hellenistic Egypt and the Near East, representations of women in ancient literature, biography in antiquity, modern reception 
  • Email -

Cassidy Phelps

  • BA, Florida State University
  • Sub-area: Mediterranean Archaeology
  • Advisor: Stephen Dyson
  • Interests: Roman provinces, imperialism, imperial cult
  • Email:

Travis Qualls

  • BA, University of North Texas
  • MA, University of Dallas
  • Sub-area:  Language and Literature
  • Advisor:  Roger Woodard
  • poetry and philosophy, politics, imperialism, Thucydides, Horace, Vergil, Homer, Lucretius, tragedy
  • Email:

William Ramundt

  • BA, University of Oklahoma
  • MA, University of Arizona
  • Sub-area: Roman Archaeology
  • Advisor:  Alessandro Sebastiani
  • Interests: Economy and trade, Roman ceramics, Etruscan ceramics, Roman villas, water management, and Etruscan/Roman daily life.
  • Email:

Samuel Stahl

  • BA, Canisius College
  • Sub-area:  Latin Literature
  • Advisor:  Neil Coffee
  • Interests:  Latin poetry, Late Antiquity, intertextuality, post-classical reception history, satire, encyclopedism, Greek lyric
  • Email:

Matthew Tocco

  • BA, Rutgers University
  • Sub-area: Greek History
  • Advisor:  David Teegarden
  • Interests: ancient social history; ancient cultural history; Spartan society; identity; gender
  • Email:

Tony Waleszczak

  • BA Classics Classical Languages and Literature, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
  • EdM Higher Education Administration, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
  • Sub-area: Ancient history
  • Advisor:  Alessandro Sebastiani
  • Interests: Ancient agriculture/farming, ancient education practices, botany/gardening
  • Email:

Elisabeth Woldeyohannes

  • BA, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
  • MA, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
  • Sub-area: Mediterranean Archaeology 
  • Advisor:  Alessandro Sebastiani
  • Interests: Early Roman expansion; Continuity of local identities, production, and networks in Etruria; Productive sanctuaries; Landscape Phenomenology 
  • Email: