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Students come to UB from every economic background, but leave as equals in opportunity. That’s the promise—the great work—of the public university. And you can play a crucial part in it. The best public universities benefit from strong private philanthropy. Public universities are the people’s investment in top-quality education. Individual investors make public universities great by building on the platform of public support. UB’s College of Arts and Sciences strives to ensure a high-quality education is available to every student, and your support assures that opportunity. Together, public and private support offers our students the best chance to succeed.

Financial gifts from private donors are crucial for our operations, and we welcome donations in any amount. Contributions made during the current academic year will be used to support:

  • Undergraduate major and graduate student travel abroad to participate in archaeological field projects
  • Graduate student travel to national and regional conferences to make scholarly presentations
  • The purchase of equipment for UB Department of Classics archaeological field projects
  • The purchase of books for the department’s Goetz Library

If you have questions regarding the department’s operations, or areas where your contribution might be of greatest assistance, please contact Chair Bradley Ault at or (716) 645-0458.

Student Testimonials

"My six years spent at UB were the most enriching years of my life. I owe a great deal to the Dept. of Classics as a major influence in my development as a life-long learner and, now, educator."
– Catherine Nicastro, BA '09