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Classics students in Sperlonga.

Classics students and faculty visit Sperlonga, Italy

Meet Jake, the Department of Classics undergraduate Ambassador for the College of Arts and Sciences. College Ambassadors are student volunteers who have been nominated by faculty and staff after demonstrating a commitment to academic excellence and community engagement. 

Jake Pawlush.
Jake Pawlush

What's your best advice for new students?
My advice for new students is no matter the class, study hard and work harder, it will pay off in the end. I would advise against, however, all-nighters. They are never worth it. Learning proper time management is key in order to avoid them.

Alumni Testimonials

A heartfelt thank you to these amazing alums for sharing their stories with us!

  • Scott Gallimore.
    Scott Gallimore, PhD '11

    Completing my dissertation at the University at Buffalo left me with two notable sentiments. First, a sense of accomplishment at having completed my graduate studies, and second a sense of excitement at the prospect of beginning my post-dissertation career. Two weeks after defending my dissertation, I accepted a position as assistant professor of Roman archaeology at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada. This school is not far from where I began my career in Classics as an undergraduate at the University of Toronto. At Laurier I will teach a range of courses in Latin and Roman history and archaeology, and continue with my research on the pottery and economic history of Roman Greece.

    Along with revising my dissertation for publication, I am working on a handbook of Roman amphora types attested at the site of Corinth and will be beginning a synthetic study of the landscape archaeology of Roman Crete. The daunting nature of accomplishing these research goals, while also adjusting to an increased teaching load and requirements of professional service is somewhat alleviated by my preparation at Buffalo. From day one, graduate students at the University at Buffalo teach, quickly learning how to organize their schedules to accommodate class prep, coursework, and research. I also developed strong friendships with many of the graduate students and faculty in the Department of Classics which helped to ensure that the stress never got too overwhelming. I will miss being at Buffalo, but am grateful for the preparation I received as I move into the next stage of my career.