Recent Conference Presentations

National and International Organizations

  • ACES: The Association of Central Eurasian Students at Indiana University
  • ASCSA: The American School of Classical Studies at Athens
  • AIA: Archaeological institute of America
  • APA: American Philological Society
  • ATA: Atlantic Classical Association
  • CAA: College Art Association
  • CAC: Classical Association of Canada
  • CAAS: Classical Association of Atlantic States
  • CAMWS: Classical Association of Middle West and South
  • DCA: Digital Classics Association
  • DH: Digital Humanities
  • CUNY: City University of New York
  • EAA: European Association of Archaeologists
  • ICAC: International Classical Archaeology Congress
  • LAWDNY: Institute for the Study of the Ancient World
  • MPHLS: Murphy Program Humanities Lecture Series
  • NYSAA: New York State Archaeological Association
  • ROM: Royal Ontario Museum
  • RSA: Renaissance Society of America
  • TAG: Theoretical Archaeology Group
  • TRAC: Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference


  • CAC
    :   Locating the Greek Bathroom: the Relationship between Sanitation, Hygiene, and Defecation”
  • Animals & Animal Imagery Symposium
    “Reptilian Remedies: determining the nomenclature and usage of snakes in Pliny’s medical corpus”


  • AIA
    “Women in the Urban Houses and Rural Farmhouses of Roman Attica”


  • Rural Settlement of Podere Cannicci
    Violence, Memory, and the Contours of Grief: Placing Identity in Affective Landscape(s)
  • Università degli Studi di Roma ‘Tor Vergata’, Rome, Italy
    Experiencing the Landscape in Antiquity 2. Il Convegno Internazionale di Antichità Classiche
  • Argonautica’s Sea of Memory: The Semantic Afterlives of Scalar περ in the Epic Tradition
    Hellenistic Poetry Graduate Research Virtual Workshop. University of Kentucky. 4-5 December 2021


For information about conference presentations from prior years, please contact Alison Blaszak