BA in Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, Cognitive Science Concentration

Cognitive Science is one of six concentration areas in the Social Sciences Interdisciplinary major. It is designed for students interested in using an interdisciplinary approach to study the cognitive aspects of philosophy, artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, and computational linguistics, among others. It is the study of how the mind works. It investigates thought and consciousness, the senses and emotions, the structure of language, cultural patterns, neural organization, and the computational analogs of mental processes. It examines how these areas interact, how they develop in the growing human, and how they appear in other animals. 

PhD in Cognitive Science

PhD study of Cognitive Science at UB consists of a special Cognitive Science track in the PhD program of each of the participating departments. Participation in the track consists of five steps:

1.     Admission as a Graduate Student Member of the Center for Cognitive Science;

2.     Taking the prescribed set of Cognitive Science courses;

3.     Attendance at colloquia of the Center for Cognitive Science;

4.     Submission of a progress report to the Director of the Cognitive Science Tracks Program at the end of each academic year;

5.     Having an interdisciplinary, Cognitive Science dissertation committee; and

6.     Writing a Cognitive Science-related dissertation.

Approved Graduate Courses

The following departments offer approved Cognitive Science courses. Additional courses may be selected in consultation with Jürgen Bohnemeyer, the CCS Director of Graduate Studies.