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Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences

Jan Charles-Luce (cdscluce@buffalo.edu)
Speech production and perception; Language acquisition and disorders

Alison Hendricks (ahendric@buffalo.edu)
Child language acquisition, and teaching in language disorders and linguistics

Jeffrey Higginbotham (cdsjeff@buffalo.edu)
Assistive communication technologies for the communicatively disabled, with attention to discourse genre and individual communication style

Elaine Stathopoulos (stathop@buffalo.edu)
Anatomy and physiology of the speech mechanism; Children's speech production; Speech motor control

Joan E. Sussman (jsussman@buffalo.edu)
Speech science; Speech perception abilities of children; Perception of the speech of disordered talkers; Cognitive science

Kris Tjaden (tjaden@buffalo.edu)
Acoustic bases of reduced intelligibility and naturalness in dysarthria secondary to neurodegenerative disease

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Jason J. Corso (jcorso@buffalo.edu)
High-level computer vision and data science; Video understanding; Robot perception; Medical imaging

William J. Rapaport (rapaport@buffalo.edu)
Artificial Intelligence; Computational Linguistics; Cognitive Science; Philosophical Issues in Computer Science

Stuart C. Shapiro (shapiro@cse.buffalo.edu)
Artificial Intelligence; Computational Linguistics; Cognitive Science; Knowledge Representation; Reasoning; Cognitive Robotics; Natural Language Understanding and Generation

Department of Geography

David M. Mark (dmark@buffalo.edu)
Geographic information science; Cognitive science

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Ann Bisantz (bisantz@buffalo.edu)
Human-machine systems; Human decision making

Winnie Chen (winchen@buffalo.edu)
Human behavior and performance in dynamic, complex systems

Department of Learning and Instruction

Douglas Clements (clements@buffalo.edu)
Early childhood education; Computer education; Mathematics education

Department of Linguistics

Jürgen Bohnemeyer (jb77@buffalo.edu)
Formal and conceptual semantics (in particular, temporal and spatial reference); Syntax-semantics interface (in particular, event representation and argument structure); Semantic typology; Linguistic anthropology; Native American (in particular, Mesoamerican) languages

Rui P. Chaves (rchaves@buffalo.edu)
Syntax; Semantics; Psycholinguistics; Computational Linguistics

Matthew Dryer (dryer@buffalo.edu)
Typology; Syntax; Discourse-Pragmatics; American Indian Languages (especially Kutenai)

David Fertig (fertig@buffalo.edu)
Germanic Linguistics; Historical linguistics; Dialectology; Sociolinguistics; Morphology; Phonology

Jeff Good (jcgood@buffalo.edu)
Syntax; Morphology; Historical Linguistics; Typology; Niger-Congo Languages; Computer-assisted Linguistics

Robert Hoeing (rghoeing@buffalo.edu)
German Syntax; Syntactic Theory; Business German

Jeri J. Jaeger (jjaeger@buffalo.edu)
Phonetics; Phonology; Psycholinguistics; Neurolinguistics; Language Acquisition

Jean-Pierre Koenig (jpkoenig@buffalo.edu)
Syntax/Semantics Interface; Cognitive Semantics; Formal Semantics (especially Discourse Representation Theory); Gricean Pragmatics; Computational Linguistics; Psycholinguistics (especially Sentence Processing)

EunHee Lee (ehlee@buffalo.edu)
Korean Linguistics; Semantics

Karin Michelson (kmich@buffalo.edu)
Iroquoian Languages; Phonology; Morphology; Lexical Semantics; Historical Linguistics; Field Linguistics

Robert D. Van Valin Jr. (vanvalin@buffalo.edu)
Syntax; Language Acquisition; Lakhota; Yatee Zapotec

David Zubin (linzubin@buffalo.edu)
Categorization Theory; Typology; Discourse

Department of Mathematics

Sarah Muldoon (smuldoon@buffalo.edu
Network organization, network theory, and brain function

Department of Neurology

Tom Covey (tjcovey@buffalo.edu)
Brain processes responsible for individual differences in cognitive abilities, working memory, executive functions and cognitive control.

David W. Shucard (dshucard@buffalo.edu)
Biological bases of intelligence, language, learning & cognitive functioning; Physiological development & biological influences on them

Alan H. Lockwood (ahl@buffalo.edu)
Positron emission topography; Mapping cognitive processes in normal and diseased human brain; Event-related potentials in cognitive processes; Multimodal imaging (PET plus ERP)

Department of Philosophy

James Beebe (jbeebe2@buffalo.edu)
Epistemology; Cognitive Science; Philosophy of Religion; Science and Religion

David Braun (dbraun2@buffalo.edu)
Philosophy of language; Philosophy of mind; Logic; Metaphysics

John Kearns (kearns@buffalo.edu)
Logic; Philosophy of Language, including Semantics and Ontology; Cognitive Science; CRI: Speech Act Theory; Illocutionary Logic, which is the logic of speech acts and which supplements and enlarges standard logic

Barry Smith (phismith@buffalo.edu)

Department of Physiology and Biophysics

Susan B. Udin (sudin@buffalo.edu)
Development of topographic projections in the brain; Role of early experience; Critical periods; Neuroanatomy and neurophysiology

Department of Psychology

Micheal Lynn Dent (mdent@buffalo.edu)
Perception of complex acoustic stimuli in birds and small mammals

Janice Hastrup (jhastrup@buffalo.edu)
Health psychology and behavioral medicine; Epidemiology and public health; Health communication; Community psychology; Emotional development; Environmental hazards; Methodological issues

Marieke Van Heuten (mariekev@buffalo.edu)
Child language acquisition, speech processing, word representation

Paul Luce (luce@buffalo.edu)
Word recognition; Lexical access; Speech perception and production; Psycholinguistics

Gail Mauner (mauner@buffalo.edu)
Sentence and discourse processing; Reading; Anaphora; Language processing in neurogenically impaired populations

Christopher McNorgan (ccnlab@buffalo.edu)
Memory, neuroimaging and neural network models of the human brain

Eduardo Mercado III (emii@buffalo.edu)
Cognitive neuroscience of learning and memory

Peter Q. Pfordresher (pqp@buffalo.edu)
The way in which the mind organizes sequences of events in real time during production and perception

J. David Smith (psysmith@buffalo.edu)
Animal cognition; Categorization; Metacognition and self-awareness; Psychology of music and aesthetics

Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

Eva Juarros-Daussà (ejuarros@buffalo.edu)
Argument Structure, Syntax, Morphology, Psycholinguistics, Evolution of Language, Language Dynamics.

Past Members

Gail BruderDepartment of Psychology
Cognitive Psychology, Deixis in Narrative

William H. Baumer, Department of Philosophy
Business Ethics and Policy; Kant; Induction and Confirmation; Ethics; Philosophy of Religion; CRI: Business Ethics; Kant and Relational Views of Time and Space; Relational Views of Value and Obligation

James H. BunnDepartment of English
18th Century, Semiotics

Randall R. Dipert, Department of Philosophy
The Philosophy of C.S. Peirce; Logic; Aesthetics; Ontology; CRI: Logic; Philosophy of Mind; The Nature and Structure of Emotions.

Judith Felson DuchanDepartment of Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Speech-language pathology, Autism, Deixis in Narrative

Tsan Huang, Department of Linguistics
Phonetics; Speech perception; Chinese Linguistics

K. Nicholas LeibovicDepartment of Physiology and Biophysics
Nervous system information processing, Parallel representation/computation, Neural basis of vision

Madeleine MathiotDepartment of Linguistics
Field Linguistics, Ethnosemantics, Lexicology, Semiotics, Discourse

William J. RapaportDepartment of Computer Science & Engineering
Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Philosophical Issues in Computer Science

Erwin M. SegalDepartment of Psychology
Narrative Comprehension and Production, Problem-Solving, Scientific Theory

Stuart C. ShapiroDepartment of Computer Science & Engineering
Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Knowledge Representation, Reasoning, Cognitive Robotics, Natural Language Understanding and Generation

Jim SwanDepartment of English
16th & 17th Century British Literature, Shakespeare, Media, Literature & Science, Literature & Disability, Psychoanalysis

Leonard TalmyUB Center for Cognitive Science
Cognitive Semantics, Typology and Universals

Wolfgang WölckDepartment of Linguistics
Diglossia, Bilingualism, Sociolinguistics