Faculty by Department

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Department of Communication

Lindsay Hahn (lhahn2@buffalo.edu)
Morality, media psychology, and media effects in child and adult audiences

Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences

Nichol Castro (nicholca@buffalo.edu)
Adult language disorders; cognitive aging; network science; psycholinguistics

Kristina DeRoy Milvae (klmilvae@buffalo.edu)
Listening effort; speech perception in noise; cochlear implants; binaural hearing

Shae DiNino (dinino@buffalo.edu)
Auditory learning and attention; neural processing of sound and its relationship to auditory perception

Christopher Heffner  (ccheffne@buffalo.edu)
Plasticity in speech perception, specifically learning and adaptation

Alison Hendricks (ahendric@buffalo.edu)
Child language acquisition and teaching in language disorders and linguistics

Jeffrey Higginbotham (cdsjeff@buffalo.edu)
Assistive communication technologies for the communicatively disabled, with attention to discourse genre and individual communication style

Kaila Stipancic (klstip@buffalo.edu)
Motor control of speech and swallowing in individuals with neurologic injury and/or disease; clinically significant change and interpretation of clinical outcomes

Kris Tjaden (tjaden@buffalo.edu)
Acoustic bases of reduced intelligibility and naturalness in dysarthria secondary to neurodegenerative disease

Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Janice Hastrup (jhastrup@buffalo.edu)
Health psychology and behavioral medicine; epidemiology and public health; health communication; community psychology; emotional development; environmental hazards; methodological issues

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Ann Bisantz (bisantz@buffalo.edu)
Human-machine systems; human decision making

Winnie Chen (winchen@buffalo.edu)
Human behavior and performance in dynamic, complex systems

Department of Linguistics

Jürgen Bohnemeyer (jb77@buffalo.edu)
Formal and conceptual semantics (in particular, temporal and spatial reference); syntax-semantics interface (in particular, event representation and argument structure); semantic typology; linguistic anthropology; Native American (in particular, Mesoamerican) languages

Rui P. Chaves (rchaves@buffalo.edu)
Syntax; semantics; psycholinguistics; computational linguistics

David Fertig (fertig@buffalo.edu)
Germanic linguistics; historical linguistics; dialectology; sociolinguistics; morphology; phonology

Jeff Good (jcgood@buffalo.edu)
Syntax; morphology; historical linguistics; typology; Niger-Congo languages; computer-assisted linguistics

Cassandra Jacobs (cxjacobs@buffalo.edu)
Computational modeling, psycholinguistics, learning and memory, natural language processing

Jean-Pierre Koenig (jpkoenig@buffalo.edu)
Syntax/Semantics interface; cognitive semantics; formal semantics (especially Discourse Representation Theory); Gricean pragmatics; computational linguistics; psycholinguistics (especially sentence processing)

EunHee Lee (ehlee@buffalo.edu)
Korean Linguistics; semantics; acquisition

Department of Mathematics

Sarah Muldoon (smuldoon@buffalo.edu
Network organization, network theory, and brain function

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Ehsan Tarkesh Esfahani (ehsanesf@buffalo.edu)
Artificial intelligence; brain computer interfaces; human-machine interactions; bipedal locomotion (human and humanoids); bio-robotics and mechatronics

Department of Neurology

Tom Covey (tjcovey@buffalo.edu)
Brain processes responsible for individual differences in cognitive abilities, working memory, executive functions and cognitive control.

David W. Shucard (dshucard@buffalo.edu)
Biological bases of intelligence, language, learning & cognitive functioning; physiological development & biological influences on them

Department of Philosophy

James Beebe (jbeebe2@buffalo.edu)
Epistemology; cognitive science; philosophy of religion; science and religion

David Braun (dbraun2@buffalo.edu)
Philosophy of language; philosophy of mind; logic; metaphysics

Barry Smith (phismith@buffalo.edu)

Department of Physiology and Biophysics

Susan B. Udin (sudin@buffalo.edu)
Development of topographic projections in the brain; role of early experience; critical periods; neuroanatomy and neurophysiology

Department of Psychology

Federica Bulgarelli (fbulgare@buffalo.edu)
Language development; acoustic variability; word learning; bilingualism

Andrés Buxó-Lugo (buxolugo@buffalo.edu)
Psycholinguistics; language production; language comprehension; speech; prosody; computational models of cognition

Micheal Lynn Dent (mdent@buffalo.edu)
Perception of complex acoustic stimuli in birds and small mammals

Eduardo Mercado III (emii@buffalo.edu)
Cognitive neuroscience of learning and memory

Peter Q. Pfordresher (pqp@buffalo.edu)
The way in which the mind organizes sequences of events in real time during production and perception

Tim Pruitt (tapruitt@buffalo.edu)
Multimodal imagery; vocal imitation; music and language sensorimotor processes; psychophysiology of performance

Past Members

Gail BruderDepartment of Psychology
Cognitive Psychology, Deixis in Narrative

William H. Baumer, Department of Philosophy
Business Ethics and Policy; Kant; Induction and Confirmation; Ethics; Philosophy of Religion; CRI: Business Ethics; Kant and Relational Views of Time and Space; Relational Views of Value and Obligation

James H. BunnDepartment of English
18th Century, Semiotics

Robert Hoeing, Department of Linguistics
German Syntax; Syntactic Theory; Business German

Jan Charles-Luce, Department of Psychology
Speech production and perception; Language acquisition and disorders

Douglas Clements
Early childhood education; Computer education; Mathematics education

Jason J. Corso, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
High-level computer vision and data science; video understanding; robot perception; medical imaging

Eva Juarros-Daussà
Argument Structure, Syntax, Morphology, Psycholinguistics, Evolution of Language, Language Dynamics.

Randall R. Dipert, Department of Philosophy
The Philosophy of C.S. Peirce; Logic; Aesthetics; Ontology; CRI: Logic; Philosophy of Mind; The Nature and Structure of Emotions.

Matthew Dryer, Department of Linguistics
Typology; Syntax; Discourse-Pragmatics; American Indian Languages (especially Kutenai)

Judith Felson DuchanDepartment of Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Speech-language pathology, Autism, Deixis in Narrative

Tsan Huang, Department of Linguistics
Phonetics; Speech perception; Chinese Linguistics

Jeri J. Jaeger, Department of Linguistics
Phonetics; Phonology; Psycholinguistics; Neurolinguistics; Language Acquisition

John Kearns, Department of Philosophy
Logic; Philosophy of Language, including Semantics and Ontology; Cognitive Science; CRI: Speech Act Theory; Illocutionary Logic, which is the logic of speech acts and which supplements and enlarges standard logic

K. Nicholas LeibovicDepartment of Physiology and Biophysics
Nervous system information processing, Parallel representation/computation, Neural basis of vision

Alan H. Lockwood
Positron emission topography; Mapping cognitive processes in normal and diseased human brain; Event-related potentials in cognitive processes; Multimodal imaging (PET plus ERP)

Paul Luce, Department of Psychology
Word recognition; Lexical access; Speech perception and production; Psycholinguistics

David M. Mark
Geographic information science; Cognitive science

Madeleine MathiotDepartment of Linguistics
Field Linguistics, Ethnosemantics, Lexicology, Semiotics, Discourse

Gail Mauner, Department of Psychology
Sentence and discourse processing; Reading; Anaphora; Language processing in neurogenically impaired populations

Christopher McNorgan, Department of Psychology
Memory; neuroimaging; neural network models of the human brain

Karin Michelson , Department of Linguistics
Iroquoian Languages; Phonology; Morphology; Lexical Semantics; Historical Linguistics; Field Linguistics

William J. RapaportDepartment of Computer Science & Engineering
Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Philosophical Issues in Computer Science

Erwin M. SegalDepartment of Psychology
Narrative Comprehension and Production, Problem-Solving, Scientific Theory

Stuart C. ShapiroDepartment of Computer Science & Engineering
Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Knowledge Representation, Reasoning, Cognitive Robotics, Natural Language Understanding and Generation

J. David Smith, Department of Psychology
Animal cognition; Categorization; Metacognition and self-awareness; Psychology of music and aesthetics

Elaine Stathopoulos
Anatomy and physiology of the speech mechanism; Children's speech production; Speech motor control

Joan E. Sussman
Speech science; Speech perception abilities of children; Perception of the speech of disordered talkers; Cognitive science

Jim SwanDepartment of English
16th & 17th Century British Literature, Shakespeare, Media, Literature & Science, Literature & Disability, Psychoanalysis

Leonard TalmyUB Center for Cognitive Science
Cognitive Semantics, Typology and Universals

Marieke Van Heuten, Department of Psychology
Child language acquisition; speech processing; word representation

Robert D. Van Valin Jr. Department of Linguistics
Syntax; Language Acquisition; Lakhota; Yatee Zapotec

Wolfgang WölckDepartment of Linguistics
Diglossia, Bilingualism, Sociolinguistics

David Zubin, Department of Linguistics
Categorization Theory; Typology; Discourse