About the Center for Cognitive Science

Artistic depiction of the Center of Cognitive Science.

The Center in Context

By Eduardo Mercado, Director

The aim of the Center for Cognitive Science is to promote the investigation and understanding of the nature of cognition in humans, animals and machines. Most centrally, cognitive science is the study of how minds work, both in conceptual organization and in computational and neural infrastructure. Read More

Long-term Goals and Objectives:

Promote Local and International Research Networks and Activities

To accomplish this objective, the Center:

  • Organizes a variety of events, including conferences, workshops, and the Colloquia and Distinguished Speakers series, that bring together members of the campus and invited experts. 
  • Helps to establish novel cross-disciplinary link-ups among faculty and students, resulting in research projects and grant proposals, and serving as an umbrella for ongoing research projects
  • Offers both a BA in Cognitive Science through UB's Social Sciences Interdisciplinary program, and a PhD in Cognitive Science
  • Sponsors a Cognitive Science Graduate Student Association, comprised of students from participating departments. 
  • Publishes a technical report series and arranging exchanges of this series with similar cognitive science series from comparable institutions. 
  • Provides a central meeting place, including a library and conference room, that serves as a nexus for cross-disciplinary study and communication.
  • Contributes to a strong atmosphere of community and infusion of enthusiasm conducive to productive interactions. 

Continue Development of the Academic Curriculum in Cognitive Science

Through the ongoing development of a specialized cognitive science curriculum, the Center hopes to promote the intellectual appeal of our research and support participating departments as they attempt to attract high-caliber students. Undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in cognitive science have the opportunity to create a customized course plan, allowing them to further curate their education around their personal and professional goals. 

Establish the Center's Reputation as a Leading Research Initiative

The first international Summer Institute in Cognitive Science was held at UB in July 1994. Eighty visiting researchers and educators participated as plenary speakers, course-work instructors, and workshop presenters for an assembly of over 400 registrants representing 32 countries. 

Since then, word of the Center's progressive and intellectually-stimulating community has spread via glowing reports from invited speakers, visiting scholars, and graduates of the BA or PhD tracks in Cognitive Science. The Center consistently informs the public of upcoming events, ongoing research projects, and student achievements by thoughtfully distributing our mailing lists, linked at the bottom of our main page.

Please consider supporting the Center as we strive to meet our goals and fulfill our potential within the groundbreaking field of Cognitive Science.