2017 Events

Spring Semester

Using Human Behavior Modeling and Model Checking to Discover Failures in Safety Critical Systems

February 15
 Matthew Bolton
Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University at Buffalo

Content-Driven Machine Learning: Using Lexical Variability to Optimize Models of Natural Language

March 1
 Brendan Johns
Assistant Professor, Communicative Disorders and Sciences, University at Buffalo

Probabilistic Models for Syntax Learning

April 5
Speaker: John K. Pate
Assistant Professor, Linguistics, University at Buffalo

Monitoring and Control in Language Production

April 12
Speaker: Nazbanou Nozari
Assistant Professor, Neurology and Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins

What is Attention?

April 26
Speaker: Wayne Wu
Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, Carnegie Mellon University

Generative and Item-Specific Knowledge in Language Processing

May 3
Speaker: Emily Morgan
Postdoctoral Researcher, Psychology, Tufts University

Fall Semester

Memory for Conversation

September 6
 Sarah Brown-Schmidt
Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology & Human Development at Vanderbilt University

Cognitive Systems Engineering and Health Informatics: Analysis Outcomes and Design Implications

September 20
 Ann Bisantz
Professor and Chair of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University at Buffalo

Linguistic contributions to speech-on- speech masking

September 27
 Lauren Calandruccio
Associate Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences, Case Western Reserve University

How word learning affects word representation

October 4
 Victor Kuperman
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics and Languages, McMaster University

Why whales sing and dolphins don’t

October 25
 Eduardo Mercado III
Professor of Psychology, University at Buffalo

Electromyographic measures of laryngeal and facial muscle activity during musical imagery and singing

November 29
 Tim Pruitt 
Ph.D. candidate in Cognitive Psychology, Department of Psychology, University at Buffalo