Heritage Months

The College of Arts and Sciences, in collaboration with other units across campus, offer student-centered programming  acknowledging commemorative observances and history-heritage months throughout the year.

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Black History Month.
Black History Month (February)

Throughout the month of February, the College will offer a student-centered calendar of events and programming that honors the histories and achievements of peoples of the African diaspora.

The College community recognizes the importance of taking a globalized approach to our celebration of Black intellectual and cultural life. At the same time, we acknowledge that the need for awareness and education about Black experiences doesn’t begin and end in February. 

Women's History Month graphic.
Women's History Month (March)

Throughout the month of March, the College will offer a student-centered calendar of events and programming that honors the diverse histories and achievements of women. Taking a broad, intersectional, and decolonial approach, our Women’s Histories month programming introduces the campus to cutting edge research on issues of gender, sexuality, feminism, and queer theory, and offers events that engage racial, social, political, environmental and reproductive justice.

Pride flag.
Pride Month (Campus Pride in April)

Throughout the month of June, Pride festivals and national celebratory gatherings are happening across the nation, honoring LGBTQIA+ culture and inclusion.

While June is nationally recognized as Pride Month, we are cognizant that most students are not on campus in June. Campus Pride Month is held during the month of April at colleges and universities across the country. In honor of this important tradition, we will feature student centered-programming, and community-based events and resources in celebration of Campus Pride Month in April. 

Jewish American Heritage graphic.
Jewish American Heritage Month (May)

 Jewish American Heritage Month in May sheds a light on the contributions of the Jewish people over its almost 250-year history in America. Jewish culture, history and thought have all made vital contributions to the country. At the same time, Jewish American Heritage Month also acknowledges the history of injustice which Jews have struggled to overcome, not just in America but around the world. 

Asian/ Pacific Heritage graphic.
Asian Pacific Heritage Month (May)

To commemorate Asian Pacific Heritage Month, the College will be offering student-centered events, programming and resources that honor the diverse histories and achievements of Asian peoples both nationally and internationally. Programming and resources that directly confront the racist violence, hate crimes, and discrimination directed at people of Asian heritage in this country will be offered. 

Latinx Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)

Nationally known as Hispanic Heritage month, the College will celebrate this commemoration as Latinx Heritage Month in order to be more inclusive of the identities and experiences of our students, faculty, staff and the community. During Latinx Heritage Month and throughout the academic year, the College is offering student-centered events that honor the histories, cultures, and contributions of Latinx peoples with ancestors and kinship ties across the Caribbean, Central and South America, Mexico, and Spain. Programming will also engage the pressing issues facing Latinx peoples today, and ways to promote the inclusivity of Latinx students on our campus. 

Native American / Indigenous Peoples Heritage.
Native American/Indigenous Peoples Heritage Month (November)

The College acknowledges November as Native American History Month (NAHM). To commemorate NAHM, the College is offering student-centered events, programming, and resources that honor the diverse histories and achievements of Indigenous peoples both nationally and internationally. We offer programming and resources that acknowledge the historical traumas and injustices committed against Indigenous peoples, while affirming the sovereignty of Indigenous nations and promoting Indigenous futurities.

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