Master's Degrees

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The UB Master's Programs in Economics emphasize building analytical and quantitative skills based on economics as an applied science. We offer a unique, stand-alone course of study that prepares students to pursue a PhD or a myriad of in-demand careers.

Our master's degree programs have been designed for flexibility. The Master of Arts (30 credits) and the Master of Science (36 credits) will better suit different students depending on their educational and career goals. We encourage prospective students to learn more about the benefits and opportunities within each program before making a final decision. 

Choosing a Master's Degree

When selecting a graduate degree program, it's vital to focus on the skillset and career opportunities that particular degree provides. Our degrees meet the needs of:

1) Students interested in private sector positions (investing and banking, insurance and financial services or consulting)

2) Students interested in government and public enterprise positions

3) Students interested in pursuing a PhD degree

Degree Options

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Advanced Certificates

The Economics department is one of the only programs in the nation to involve specialists in professional schools of law, medicine, management and education, as well as those in the departments of mathematics and geography. The resulting Advanced Certificates (15 credits) expand economics-specific knowledge in a range of under-resourced fields.

Contact Us

Jameson Yu is the Assistant Director of graduate economics programs. He is responsible for recruiting students from around the world, answering program questions, processing applications and assisting our master's students. Please feel free to contact Jameson by telephone, email or personal appointment with any questions or concerns.