Transfer Credit and Course Waivers

Undergraduate Transfer Students

Every UB Economics major must take at least five upper level (i.e. 300 level or higher) economics elective courses at UB. Transfer credit may be given towards the required courses (ECO 405 Microeconomic Theory, ECO 407 Macroeconomic Theory and ECO 480 Econometrics I), ECO 181 Introduction to Macroeconomics, ECO 182 Introduction to Microeconomics and other economics electives.

Obtaining Transfer Credit

To obtain transfer credit, the courses a student has taken at another university or college must first be in the HUB system so that they appear on the student's Academic Advisement Report (AAR). For this, students must visit the Undergraduate Admissions Office in 12 Capen Hall. Once the courses a student has taken at another university or college are in the HUB system, these courses can be transferred in as UB economics courses.

There are two ways for courses to be transferred:

  1. UB has transfer agreements with most universities and colleges in the U.S., some community colleges in the U.S. and leading universities around the world. The transfer agreements are governed by the Transfer Articulation and University Requirements at UB System (TAURUS). If a student has taken a course at another university or college that is listed on TAURUS, they will automatically receive UB credit for the course as stated in TAURUS.
  2. If the course taken by a student at another university or college is not in the TAURUS system, then they must do the following. Read the instructions on the Articulation Request Form and be certain the student satisfies all the conditions stated therein. Paper forms are available outside the Department Office in 415 Fronczak Hall. Students do not need to fill out the form. Students should bring the syllabus of the course they want to transfer and a copy of their AAR report to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The syllabus must contain an outline of the material covered in class and state the textbook used. The Director will then determine whether transfer credit may be granted for the course.

Graduate Transfer Students

The Master's in Economics program does not accept transfer credit from other universities toward the MA, MS or combined master's degrees. However, students may be able to obtain a course waiver. If you believe you qualify for a course waiver(s) due to extensive undergraduate or previous graduate work completed, please submit the Required Course Waiver Form. 

The department does not allow transfer of credits from our own master's program to our PhD program. Students may take waiver exams in the first semester courses of the first year. Acceptance of transfer credits from other universities is left to the discretion of the Director of the PhD Program. 

Contact Us

With questions about transferring credits or submitting a course waiver form, please contact Prof. Joanne McLaughlin (undergraduate students) or Prof. Nagesh Revankar (graduate students).