Economics at UB

Students on Baird Point.

The Department of Economics is committed to the educational goals of the College of Arts and Sciences and dedicated to creating and maintaining a positive, interactive and personal educational experience geared toward student success. 

The Learning Environment

We offer lecture and seminar courses with various class sizes, and all of our courses support a mentor/mentee relationship between faculty and students. At the introductory level, students may participate in recitations and/or quantitative reasoning courses to enhance their foundational understanding. Our upper-level courses are designed to be small and facilitate the close faculty support that streamlines our students' path to success. 

Instructional methods include lecture, presentations, debates, discussions, research term papers and exams to promote course learning outcomes such as critical thinking, analyzing disciplinary contents, identifying contexts, learning fresh perspectives and developing multiple modes of inquiry. To the best of our ability, we serve the needs of our undergraduate and graduate populations by engaging in cutting-edge research and continuously improving the design of our academic degree tracks, curriculum and courses.

Did You Know?

The city of Buffalo offers a diverse and cost-effective lifestyle that complements the UB student experience. No matter where you choose to live, you’ll discover how Buffalo earned its nickname: “City of Good Neighbors.”




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