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In the UB Department of Economics, we provide advanced and comprehensive graduate coursework at both the master's and PhD level. Our degree programs offer graduate students the opportunity to specialize in mainstream economics subjects while preparing for successful careers in education, research, finance or law. 

Admissions Deadlines

The department accepts master's and PhD students for the Fall semester only. To receive full financial aid consideration, PhD applicants should submit their application before Feb. 1 for the following academic year. Applications completed before January 10th can be considered for the UB Presidential Fellowships.

Master's applicants are accepted on a rolling basis and review begins every January for the following academic year. 

Degree Options

  • PhD in Economics (STEM)
    The PhD in Economics program trains students in the core areas of economics (macroeconomics, microeconomics and econometrics) and in quantitative methods, improving their mathematical and econometric skills in the first year. In the second year students gain exposure to several applied fields of economics such as labor, urban and public economics and industrial organization. After the second year students define a field of their choice in which they commence PhD dissertation work. You may read recently completed PhD dissertations topics, as well as selected PhD alumni bios.
  • MS in Econometric and Quantitative Economics (STEM)
    The MS in Econometric and Quantitative Economics (MS EQE) program focuses on providing advanced knowledge and proper utilization of mathematical and quantitative skills required of economists in practical applications. (36 degree credit hours)
  • MA in Economics
    The MA in Economics program teaches practical applications of theoretical economics and quantitative methods, high-demand skills in industries such as finance, health care, international trade, advocacy groups and government. (30 credit hours)
  • Advanced Certificates
    Students may choose to enhance their degree with an Advanced Certificate in Applied Economics. The department encourages graduate students from Economics or other departments to consider this option, which provides specialization and application above and beyond the standard degree. (15 credit hours)
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