Student Life

UB strives to give you the best campus living experience possible!

Dining Services
Students may choose a fixed meal plan at one of the dining halls or eat the variety of cuisines offered on-campus, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Mediterranean and Mexican. 

Parking and Transportation
There are several ways to get to class: Walk from your on-campus dorm, take the UB Stampede or UB Shuttle, or drive your own car and park in one of our extensive parking lots for a small annual fee

Students have a range of on-campus and off-campus housing in and around UB. If you want to live off-campus, there are several apartments and town houses which you may want to consider. Please ensure that you know the rules and regulations before signing the lease of the apartment. 

Make sure you are prepared for a Buffalo winter! There are many places to shop for groceries, clothing and staple items, including:

For information on using UB transportation to access the mall and other shopping, please see Bus and Shuttle Schedules.

In addition to the following sources, be sure to check student mailing lists or e-bulletins for info on used textbooks.

The Buffalo Area
Learn more about your new home!