PhD Degree Guidelines

Upon entry, students are advised by the Director of Graduate Studies. During the third year, the major supervisor of the dissertation will become the student's advisor

Credit Hours

The minimum credit hour requirement for the PhD track is 72 credit hours. Of these, a minimum of 36 credits must be earned in economics courses. The remaining 36 credit hours may be earned from graduate courses inside or outside the department and from Independent Study, Supervised Research or Thesis Guidance in Economics.

In selecting all outside courses, students must seek advice from their doctoral dissertation committees or from the Director of Graduate Studies (if such committees are not yet in place). Please note: Inappropriate outside course selection against advice may affect a student's financial aid decision.

All students are expected to maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (B) at all times.

Program Completion Requirements

Please note: Any request for deviation from these requirements must be addressed in writing to the Director of Graduate Studies.

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