Recent Phd Dissertations

Recent Economics PhD Graduates Thesis
Term Name Dissertation Committee Members (Chairs/Co-chairs listed in bold) Dissertation Title
Spring 2018 Chatterjee, Bibaswan Isaac Ehrlich; Yong Yin; Zhiqiang Liu; Yun Pei Essays on Corruption at Different Levels of Government and Monetary Regulations
Spring 2018 Guo, Xu Chunchi Wu (School of Management); Yun Pei (co-chair); Mingliang Li Essays on Return Predictability in Equity Market and Corporate Bond Market
Spring 2018 Hunter, Nicole Louise Winston Chang; Peter Morgan; Yun Pei Externality, Market Imperfection, and Optimal Environmental Policy
Summer 2018 Luo, Jianbo Neel Rao; Alex Anas; Peter Morgan Essays on Microeconomics
Summer 2018 Wang, Yiru Zhiqiang Liu; Joanne McLaughlin; Neel Rao Essays on Education and Health in Rural China
Summer 2018 Yang, Po-Chieh Isaac Ehrlich; Neel Rao; Sean Fahle Essays on Investment in Health and Economic Development
Fall 2018 Lu, Yiqian Neel Rao; Mingliang Li; Yun Pei Four Essays on Labor and Development Economics
Fall 2018 Nguyen, Nguyen Thi Binh Alex Anas; Peter Morgan; Winston Chang Fiscal Transfers in Optimal Spatial Economies with Urban-Rural and Intercity Trade
Spring 2019 Hong, Sungwoo Isaac Ehrlich; Zhiqiang Liu; Neel Rao Essays on Social Security and Labor Issues
Spring 2019 Ngo, Nguyen Binh Joanne McLaughlin; Peter Morgan; Neel Rao; Sean Fahle Essays on Retirement, Self-employment, and Business Entry
Summer 2019 Dasgupta, Madhura Neel Rao; Peter Morgan; Yun Pei Private Provision of Public Infrastructure: Growth and Welfare Implications
Summer 2019 De Sarkar, Sayan Alex Anas; Neel Rao; Peter Morgan An International Comparison of the Effectiveness of Demand-side and Supply-side Policies to Alleviate Urban Traffic Congestion
Summer 2019 Kim, Sanghyeon Nagesh Revankar; Jihnhee Yu (Co-chair, Dept. of Biostatistics); Mingliang Li Improvement of Estimation of Optimal Covariance Matrix and Forecast for Financial Risk Management
– The Perspective of Global Stock Market –
Fall 2019 Yazdani, Mahdieh Peter Morgan, Neel Rao, Rachael Hinkle (POSC), Glenn Harrison Individuals' Decision Making about Risk under both Description and Experience
Fall 2020 Jiang, Ye Neel Rao, Zhiqiang Liu, Sean Fahle Overcoming social barriers: Progress of abolishing agricultural hukou in China