Recent Phd Graduate Dissertation

Economics PhD Graduates: Spring 2018 through Summer 2019
Term Name Dissertation Committee Members (Chairs/Co-chairs listed in bold) Dissertation Title
Spring 2018 Chatterjee, Bibaswan Isaac Ehrlich; Yong Yin; Zhiqiang Liu; Yun Pei Essays on Corruption at Different Levels of Government and Monetary Regulations
Spring 2018 Guo, Xu Chunchi Wu (School of Management); Yun Pei (co-chair); Mingliang Li Essays on Return Predictability in Equity Market and Corporate Bond Market
Spring 2018 Hunter, Nicole Louise Winston Chang; Peter Morgan; Yun Pei Externality, Market Imperfection, and Optimal Environmental Policy
Summer 2018 Luo, Jianbo Neel Rao; Alex Anas; Peter Morgan Essays on Microeconomics
Summer 2018 Wang, Yiru Zhiqiang Liu; Joanne McLaughlin; Neel Rao Essays on Education and Health in Rural China
Summer 2018 Yang, Po-Chieh Isaac Ehrlich; Neel Rao; Sean Fahle Essays on Investment in Health and Economic Development
Fall 2018 Lu, Yiqian Neel Rao; Mingliang Li; Yun Pei Four Essays on Labor and Development Economics
Fall 2018 Nguyen, Nguyen Thi Binh Alex Anas; Peter Morgan; Winston Chang Fiscal Transfers in Optimal Spatial Economies with Urban-Rural and Intercity Trade
Spring 2019 Hong, Sungwoo Isaac Ehrlich; Zhiqiang Liu; Neel Rao Essays on Social Security and Labor Issues
Spring 2019 Ngo, Nguyen Binh Joanne McLaughlin; Peter Morgan; Neel Rao; Sean Fahle Essays on Retirement, Self-employment, and Business Entry
Summer 2019 Dasgupta, Madhura Neel Rao; Peter Morgan; Yun Pei Private Provision of Public Infrastructure: Growth and Welfare Implications
Summer 2019 De Sarkar, Sayan Alex Anas; Neel Rao; Peter Morgan An International Comparison of the Effectiveness of Demand-side and Supply-side Policies to Alleviate Urban Traffic Congestion
Summer 2019 Kim, Sanghyeon Nagesh Revankar; Jihnhee Yu (Co-chair, Dept. of Biostatistics); Mingliang Li Improvement of Estimation of Optimal Covariance Matrix and Forecast for Financial Risk Management
– The Perspective of Global Stock Market –