What is Environment and Sustainability?

Environmental Studies and Sciences are extremely broad topics, dealing with more than just forests and birds. We actively look for ways to make the world we live in better for all by mitigating pollution, minimizing impacts, and maximizing productivity while working to safeguard natural systems and ecosystem services. Environmental studies majors strive to share environmental knowledge and promote justice, as well as protect populations in a variety of sensitive ecosystems. Environmental Geosciences majors find their calling by pollution regulation, environmental consulting, and health, safety, and testing roles. 

“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.”

-Aldo Leopold

"The environment is anything that isn't me". 

–Albert Einstein

Sustainability is not just about being more efficient or remembering to recycle. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences recognized sustainability science as an independent field in 2004, describing it as “research dealing with the interactions between natural and social systems, and with how those interactions affect the challenge of sustainability: meeting the needs of present and future generations while substantially reducing poverty and conserving the planet’s life support systems.”  The imperative of viewing what has historically been divided into natural and human systems as a single, complex socio-ecological system requires a fundamental change in the manner in which we train scholars of sustainability science.