What is Environment and Sustainability?

Environmental Studies and Sciences are extremely broad topics, dealing with deeper and wider elements of nature. As a department that thrives to understand the depths and dynamics of the environment,  we actively look for ways to make the world we live in better for all. Our research focusses on multitudes of paths that can be implemented and practiced such as mitigating pollution, minimizing impacts, and maximizing productivity while working to safeguard natural systems and ecosystem services. Environmental studies majors strive to share environmental knowledge and promote justice, as well as protect populations in a variety of sensitive ecosystems. Environmental Science majors find their calling by pollution regulation, environmental consulting, and health, safety, and testing roles. 

“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.”

-Aldo Leopold

"The environment is anything that isn't me". 

–Albert Einstein

Sustainability is deeper than we know. While sustainability is always associated with environmental paradigm, we at EVS dive deeper and bring the social and economical paradigms to strengthen the concept. For our faculty and students, sustainability is not just a degree- it is our "way of life". We imbibe the culture of respecting the resources and valuing the nature. Our students get the knowledge and skills to conserve the future while acting in the present and learning lessons from the past.