Recent News

  • UB 2024 Outstanding Senior Awards.
    We are celebrating our students at the Undergraduate Outstanding Senior Awards
  • Research team investigates source separation of wastewater
    Wastewater treatment plants and city sewer systems are often stretched to the limit and need pricey upgrades to sustain operations. At the same time, farmers need healthy, nitrogen-filled fertilizer for their crops. The question is, how do the two issues relate?
  • Recent EVS publications
    These are some recent publications from the EVS Department staff and faculty
  • Rare Earth podcast
    Alien Invasion? Is Professor Henshue finally taking over the world?
  • Transboundary Water Management
    The EVS Department hosted officials from the Turkmenistan Government to discuss water management.
  • Internships
    At the Department of Environment and Sustainability, experiential learning is a large component of the curriculum. Students completed their interships this calendar year contributing to the communities and agencies where they worked as they develop new skills. We are proud ouf our hardworking students. 
  • Mussel restoration
    Mussels are freshwater heroes — dubbed the “kidneys” of the waterways they occupy — but their populations have significantly plummeted in the Niagara River Basin over the years. “A great way to help our waterways become healthier is to invest in freshwater mussels. Their populations in our waterways are a great indicator of the water quality and the wildlife that inhabit it.”