Faculty in the News

Barbara Wejnert.

Professor Barbara Wejnert

Professor Barbara Wejnert expert in global democracy has been cited in several news publications this year. Newsweek published the article "Gen Z is Embracing Dictatorships" on April 5th 2024. In this article, Professor Wejnert suggested that "Gen Z is more hostile towards what it views as dysfunctional government rather than democracy itself". Back in January Professor Wejnert was also quoted by Reuters in an article about American Bridge, a Democratic opposition research organization that is taking steps to suppress third-party bids that could potentially impact President Biden's chances for the 2024 presidential election. 

On June 12-13, Professor Wejnert will present in the Global Webinar on Renewable and Sustainable Energy.

Holly Jean Buck.

Assistant Professor Holly Buck

The Washington Post quoted Dr. Buck in the article published on March 27th, 2024 "GOP lawmakers are fueling a conspiracy theory without mentioning ‘chemtrails"; about the unfounded concept of “chemtrails” (plumes of toxic chemicals being spewed into the sky by governments and corporations) is becoming increasingly mainstream.

Dr. Buck is also giving a talk on April 17th titled:  "Post-covid freedom discourses and their influence on the politics of climate intervention"


Nicholas Henshue.

Associate Teaching Professor Nicholas Henshue

‘Groundbreaking’: Are non-native earthworms invading Stanford’s campus? This article published on March 10th 2024, cites Dr. Henshue and talks about some of the ecosystem functions earthworms provide and how non-native species potentially threaten native earthworm species in North America.


Barbara Wejnert, Ph.D. Professor,.

 Professor Barbara Wejnert, Ph.D.

EVS Professor Dr. Barbara Wejnert, participated in a conference on "Women in the 21st Century Environment and Sustainable Development". 

International conference on Wonen in the 21st Century.
Portrait of Holly Buck taken in West Falls, NY in July 2021. Buck is with engineering, Environment and Sustainability. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

Assistant Professor Holly Buck

Our city of Buffalo, that rarely reaches 100 degrees, it is now considered a 'climate refuge'. Holly Buck was interviewed by CNN about what makes our city "A safe haven from climate change in the face of global warming threat" (CNN's Chief Climate Correspondent Bill Weir).  

Lourdes Vera.

Assistant Professor Lourdes Vera

In the Buffalo News article "Plastics plant proposal faces heat from opponents at Lockport IDA hearing", Professor Lourdes Vera is cited denouncing the company citing a “peer-reviewed” scientific article that was produced by artificial intelligence as support of the project.