Pitch for a Purpose Design Challenge!


The University at Buffalo’s Blackstone LaunchPad (UB’s idea and innovation incubator in the Student Union) is hosting the Pitch for a Purpose Design Challenge, which the EVS Department is instrumental in judging!

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    Amidst the growing concerns regarding Climate Change, sustainable practices and environmental considerations are more important than ever. Participants for this design challenge should seek to design a new product or service that promotes environmental sustainability. The solution should address a specific issue such as reducing waste, conserving energy, or supporting sustainable lifestyles. Consider using materials and processes that have a minimal environmental impact and incorporate circular economy principles where possible. Evaluate the feasibility of the solution in terms of production, cost, and adoption by consumers or businesses. Finally, consider how the solution could be marketed to raise awareness and promote its adoption. 

    This design challenge will inspire student productivity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, while affording the opportunity for students to work in diverse, collaborative teams. Students will gain experience and knowledge in the intermediate development stage of entrepreneurship. Finally, students will connect with industry experts, expanding their network of connections and knowledge of local and national entrepreneur ecosystems.  

    Teams should be in the post ideation stage of business and/or product development for this challenge. Teams with tangible examples of their product or service will be given resources ($1000) to help advance to the final stage of the competition and compete for a grand prize of $3000* for the winning team. 

    Students will have the opportunity to compete for a grand prize of $3000 while also gaining valuable skills and connections within the industry. The challenge begins on September 13th with teams selected to participate in the final being announced on September 29th.  

Students wishing to register for this competition should complete the application by 11:59 PM on Tuesday, September 12th.