Student Internships

At the Department of Environment and Sustainability, experiential learning is a large component of the curriculum. Students completed their interships this calendar year contributing to the communities and agencies where they worked as they develop new skills. We are proud ouf our hardworking students. 



Luke Alexander.
Luke Eduardo Alexander

"My position as an intern was to perform tasks for the NYDEC Fisheries including electrofishing, identification, data entry, dissection, and aging of fish found in Region 9 tributaries. Many of the samples of fish that were taken were used for fisherman surveys to verify populations of fish species and overall general health. Some tasks included taking fish for the Department of Health for tissue sampling for PFAS chemicals and to advise fishermen how much fish can be consumed".

Company: New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) Fisheries Department


Jillian Jorko.
Jillian Yorko

" As an Arborist Trainee Intern this last summer, I got to learn about plant health care diagnosis and treatment, sales operations, management, climbing/rigging, heavy equipment operation, and general tree work."

Company: Davey Tree Expert, Lancaster, NY

Kaitlyn Ballou.
Kaitlyn Ballou

"I am researching Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin's food bank delivery operations to estimate the waste output of produce, and delivering a review of community gardens in Milwaukee and Buffalo,  to compare programs at scale, provide visual analysis, and test a hypothesis that community garden programs potentially could outcompete regional food hubs in produce distribution."

Company: Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI