PhD in Geological Sciences

A student takes measurements out in the field.

We've designed our doctoral-level track for students who desire a career in academia, or other careers that require advanced training in research methodology. Students may enter the track with a BS or MS degree. Typically, a student entering with a BS degree will require four years to complete the track, while a student entering with an MS will complete the track in three years.

Students applying with other science or engineering degrees must have 12 credits in advanced geology and attend a Geology Field Camp, or must complete these requirements during their doctoral program. The PhD advisor may require additional prerequisites depending on the course of study.

Degree Requirements

  • 72 credit hours of graduate coursework, including 24 formal course credits. The student and their advisor will determine which required courses best support the student's research.
  • The Qualifying Exam: the student must prepare two proposals, one of which normally becomes the Dissertation Proposal.
  • The Technical Defense: the student presents the research results for detailed scrutiny.
  • Dissertation: completion of a dissertation with oral presentation and defense.

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