Climate Change

The Climate Change group focuses on polar remote sensing and geophysics; glaciology; Arctic glacier history; and paleoclimatology. 

Who We Are

We are a group of faculty and researchers within the Department of Geology. Our primary strength lies in Arctic climate and glacier change, and we also cover a broad array of topics in climate change. 

Core Faculty

Jason Briner – Quaternary and glacial geology, paleoclimatology, arctic environmental change 

Beata Csatho – Ice sheet mass balance and dynamics, remote sensing of the cryosphere, laser altimetry (LiDAR sensing), geologic controls on ice flow, data fusion. 

Elizabeth Thomas– Stable isotope and organic geochemsitry, paleoclimatology 

Anton Schenk – Geospatial information processing, digital photogrammetry, laser altimetry including error theory, computer vision 

Affiliated Faculty

Marcus Bursik – Climate-Volcano interactions

Estelle Chaussard – Earth surface elevation change

Mary Alice Coffroth – Coral ecosystems and climate change

Howard Lasker – Coral ecosystems and climate change

Chris Lowry – Surface water-groundwater interaction

Charles Mitchell – Paleozoic glaciation and extinction

What We Do

Research in our group is highly collaborative; students often gain breadth in both paleo and contemporary climate and glacier change. We maintain research labs in remote sensing; lake sediment core processing; cosmogenic nuclide geochemistry; and organic stable isotope geochemistry. We offer courses in remote sensing, glacial geology, glaciology, GIS, geochemistry, geophsyics, and paleoclimatology, and we meet regularly during our weekly seminars.

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