Climate Change

A student out in the field.

The Climate Change group focuses on polar remote sensing and geophysics; glaciology; Arctic glacier history; and paleoclimatology. 

Who We Are

We are a group of faculty and researchers within the Department of Geology. Our primary strength lies in Arctic climate and glacier change, and we also cover a broad array of topics in climate change. 

Core Faculty

Jason Briner – Quaternary and glacial geology, paleoclimatology, arctic environmental change 

Beata Csatho – Ice sheet mass balance and dynamics, remote sensing of the cryosphere, laser altimetry (LiDAR sensing), geologic controls on ice flow, data fusion. 

Sophie Nowicki - ice sheet modeling, global climate change, sea-level rise.

Kristin Poinar - Glaciology, ice-sheet modeling 

Elizabeth Thomas – Paleoclimate dynamics; environmental change in the Arctic, Asia, and Western New York; stable isotope and organic geochemistry; proxy system modeling

Anton Schenk – Geospatial information processing, digital photogrammetry, laser altimetry including error theory, computer vision 

Affiliated Faculty

Marcus Bursik – Climate-Volcano interactions

Mary Alice Coffroth – Coral ecosystems and climate change

Howard Lasker – Coral ecosystems and climate change

Chris Lowry – Surface water-groundwater interaction

Charles Mitchell – Paleozoic glaciation and extinction

What We Do

Research in our group is highly collaborative; students often gain breadth in both paleo and contemporary climate and glacier change. We maintain research labs in remote sensing; lake sediment core processing; cosmogenic nuclide geochemistry; and organic stable isotope geochemistry. We offer courses in remote sensing, glacial geology, glaciology, GIS, geochemistry, geophsyics, and paleoclimatology, and we meet regularly during our weekly seminars.

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