What Do We Study?

Students in class.

Global Gender and Sexuality Studies explores how gender intersects with other systems of difference, such as race, class and disability.

Our department is an intellectual community committed to developing and promulgating knowledge about women and gender through an analysis of texts and music, social and cultural practices, art and visual production, social and political institutions, and development policies, across both the local and global, historical and contemporary.

Central to our scholarship is the commitment to feminist thought and intersectional gender analysis. We seek to build collaborations among faculty and students to explore the complex intersections of women, gender, race, class, sexuality and disability, and to produce innovative scholarship that understands the past, reveals and explains the present, and advocates for a better future.

What is our mission?

In Global Gender and Sexuality Studies, our objective is to inspire critical thinking in our students, challenging them to integrate local and global knowledge and to link theory and practice across a wide range of disciplines. Our curriculum foregrounds the structural inequalities germane to women and girls.

Gwynn Thomas at the Albright Knox Gallery.

Gwynn Thomas, chair (left) with students at the Albright Knox Gallery

Student Voices

You will learn so much about different perspectives, deconstruct what you have been taught your entire life, and gain the ability to critically analyze the world around you.