Undergraduate Courses

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The Department of Global Gender and Sexuality Studies is committed to intersectional analysis of gender, race, class, sexuality and disability. Our objective is to inspire critical thinking in our students, challenging them to integrate local and global knowledge and to link theory and practice across the disciplines.

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Sample Courses

The undergraduate program offers today’s courses on feminism, women, gender and sexuality. Our interdisciplinary approach involves the analysis of texts and music, social and cultural practices, art and visual production, social and political institutions, and development policies. 

  • Intro to Gender and Women's Studies
  • Women in Leadership
  • Women in the Global System
  • Intro to Feminist Theory
  • Sexuality and Orientation
  • Intro to Native American Women
  • Women and Literature
  • Law Interprets Gender: The U.S. Experience
  • Disability and Life Writing
  • Women’s Movement: Contesting Identity and Global Change
  • Quantitative Methods in Social Research
  • Violence in a Gendered World
  • Women’s Health: Problems and Practices
  • Controlling Reproduction
  • Global Women’s Voices
  • Women Writers
  • Sex: Gender and Popular Culture
  • Special Topics/Queer Theory
  • Democracy and Gender
  • Social History of Women in the U.S.