Feminism and Visual Literacy Micro-Credential

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A Micro-credential in Feminism and Visual Literacy indicates proof of advanced training to employers; offering a unique opportunity to gain skills in analyzing visual material from a persective of feminist and queer theories and methodologies.

About Feminism and Visual Literacy

As consumers and producers of an increasingly visual world, visual literacy is an essential but often underdeveloped skill valuable in academic and professional settings. This microcredential allows you to select from courses that benefit your research and professional trajectories, while also providing a foundation in feminism and visual literacy.

Micro-Credential Requirements

Acceptance Criteria: Undergraduate Degree                                         Eligibility: Anyone interested in advancing their skills
Total Credit Hours: 9

  • One foundational course: GGS 526 Feminism, Art, Culture, GGS 523 Queer Theory or GGS 661 The Problem of Life: Feminist and Queer Biopolitics.
  • Students must take an additional two courses, which may be a combination of electives (relating to Feminist Visual               Literacy) or, additional foundation courses.
  • Successful completion includes passing all three required courses with a B+ or better, and a conference presentation or paper that uses feminist, gender or queer analysis to analyze images or visual culture.

*Electives must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies

To learn more about micro-credentials and digital badges please visit buffalo.edu/micro-credentials

How to Apply

Micro-credential in Feminism and Visual Literacy Application Form

Do you have an undergraduate degree?
Do you have an undergraduate degree?
The Purpose

A microcredential in Feminism and Visual Literacy would not only be of value to current MA and PhD students in various programs at UB, (Anthropology, Law, Management, Social Work, etc..) but also to individuals who are not pursuing a formal degree, those who wish to improve their knowledge and credentials in the work place.

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