MA in Global Gender Studies

GGSs students at the Albright Knox Art Gallery.

A master’s degree in Global Gender Studies prepares students with the theoretical and practical foundations for advanced graduate work and careers in diverse fields, including teaching, government, and community and non-governmental organizations. 

About the MA Program

President Tripathia and Shantese Wilkinson, 2018 Grad Commencement Ceremony.

President Tripathi congratulates MA student Shantese Wilkinson at the 2018 Graduate Commencement Ceremony.

The strength of our master's program lies in our commitment to an interdisciplinary curriculum that bridges multiple fields: literary studies, visual studies, history, sociology, political science and anthropology. Our program’s global dimension attracts students from across the United States as well as internationally.

Degree Requirements

The MA in Global Gender Studies degree is based on graduate coursework and original scholarship in the form of a master’s paper or creative project written under the supervision of at least two faculty. 

A total of 32 credits are required for the MA degree in Global Gender Studies, out of which at least 21 credits must be taken in the Department of Global Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Core Requirements

  • One theory course (Readings in Feminist Theory)
  • One methods course (Quantitative Research Methods or Ethnographic Methods)
  • Five additional graduate seminars 
  • Master's thesis or project and an oral defense

MA Thesis or Project
The Master’s Thesis or project is written under the direction of at minimum two faculty members: one serves as the committee chair (major professor) or first reader, the other serves as a committee member or second reader. If the student chooses the thesis option, the thesis should be based on original research and analysis. If the student chooses the project option, the project should be a new creative endeavor. Either has to be cogently defended to the satisfaction of the student’s MA committee.

Thesis/Project Defense
When completed, Master’s Theses/Projects is defended orally by the student at a forum open to the public. For further details, please see the graduate student handbook.

Meet Our Students

Student Voices

I got into the PhD program of my dreams after completing my MA, with much gratitude to the professors in the GGSs program who supported me through the application process.

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