Scholarships and Awards

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The Department of History has been fortunate to benefit from bequests and donations that support our undergraduate students. Our scholarships reward academic merit, commend strong character and work ethic, aid underrepresented minorities, and support students’ study abroad plans. We are grateful to those who provide the means for students to undertake adventurous study abroad plans and to focus on their core academic studies here at the University at Buffalo.

Milton Plesur Scholarship

Full-time history majors who have compiled outstanding records in history are eligible to apply for a Plesur Scholarship, named after Professor Milton Plesur (1927-1987). Professor Plesur devoted his career to teaching, and bequeathed his estate to the university for the continued of support UB students. Awards will be made to students who can demonstrate the most serious interest in and commitment to history as evidenced by academic record, extra-curricular activities, and career plans.  A sophomore awardee who continues to compile an excellent record in his or her junior year may reapply for a second year of support for the senior year.

Joyce J. and John D. Milligan and Family Scholarships

Full-time history majors from underrepresented minorities, with good academic credentials and personal characteristics (attitude, personality, citizenship, and leadership) are invited to apply for a Milligan Scholarship.  Awards are made to prospective juniors and seniors annually.  This scholarship is made available through the generosity of John D. Milligan, a long-time History Department faculty member, his late wife Joyce who served the Department as a secretary, their daughter Jacqueline, a dedicated teacher of English as a Second Language at UB, and two other daughters, Elizabeth and Polla, both residents of Buffalo. Preference will be given to African-American students from Western New York who have financial need. The junior award is renewable in the senior year at the discretion of the chair of the History Department

The Patricia Mazón Undergraduate Research Paper Prize

This prize, given each spring the department awards a prize for the best honors thesis or substantial research paper written in that academic year, is named for Professor Patricia Mazón, a historian of Germany who retired from the department in 2017.  The author of the winning paper will receive a cash prize and will be recognized at graduation. Details regarding the submissions will be announced early in the spring semester.

Additional Opportunities

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) also maintains a list of scholarships and awards made available to undergraduate students within the College.