Graduate Student Directory

MAAP  Nida Ali
MAH  Bruno Francisco Cursini 
MAH  Rhys Hall  
MAH  Hanyu Liao 
MAH  Mariana Nicotera De Souza
MAH Michael Spears 
MFA  Jacqueline Bast
Virtual Reality, Physical Computing & Cognitive Psychology 
MFA  Shawn Combs 
MFA  Annette Daniels Taylor 
MFA  Vincent Divirgilio 
MFA  Jonathan Doroski 
MFA  Sean Feiner 

Andrea Pagan
Research/production/interests - Sensing Media, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Interactive Installations, Biofeedback  


Jess Printup
Sound compositions and experimental video within an installation (space), regarding the everyday

MFA  Togzhan Seilkhanova
MFA  Sara Stabley  
MFA  Lee Terwilliger 
MFA  Yuxin Zhao 




Leonardo Aranda
Critical theory of technology, DIY and Critical Making, Locative media and ubiquitous computing, participatory and speculative design  


John Patrick Ayson
Relational Aesthetics, Physico-Digital Interactions, Gramscian Marxism  

PhD  Anthony (Tra) Bouscaren 
PhD  Taehyun Cho
Film Narratology, Alternative Poetics, and Interactive Cinema 
PhD  Gabriela Cordoba Vivas 
PhD  Nitasha Dhillon 

Scott Fitzgerald
Networked devices, media infrastructure, machine learning, light, power.  

PhD  Yvette Granata
PhD  Cortney Krueger
Media That Matters

Susan McWhinney
Smart Phone Cinema, Mobile Media, Frame, Data and Data Depth   




Mani Mehrvarz
Documentary, Telematic art, Generative art,  performance, German Media Theory, Cultural Techniques, Media Archaeology, Database, Post-history, Nostalgia, Analog, Moving-Image  


Azalia Primadita Muchransyah
Recipient of DIKTI-Funded Fulbright Ph.D. Scholarship 2017. In 2013, she joined a team of researchers to study HIV Care Continuation for Prisoners in Indonesia and has co-written two internationally published journal articles. By looking into existing global studies and practicing different media-making techniques, her current project explores advocacy media (specifically AIDS Media), as well as national cinema, first-second-third-fourth cinema, documentary filmmaking & ethics, and affective media. Her short films include: Halal (2017), HIV/AIDS: Not A Death Sentence (2018), Alone, Together (2018), and Blue Film (2018).  




Maryam Muliaee 

Phenomenology of place, Heterotopia, Place making, Mapping, Memory and place, Displacement, Locative media, Sonic representation of a place, Lost places in urban geographies, Affective atmospheres.  


Su Hyun Nam
Improbable Landscape, Transcultural Identity, Meditative Computation  

PhD  James Pollard 

Paul Sargent
mobile windmill tilting + outrage networking + speculative crank  


Hanwei Shi
diasporic cinema, perception, gender  




Kalpana Subramanian
Experimental film and media arts, trans-cultural aesthetics, film philosophy and embodiment


Shawn Van Every  


Stanzi Vaubel
Documentary, Literature, Performance  

PhD  Ye Wang 
PhD  Anthony Yanick 

Ridvan Yavuz