Experiential Learning & Internships



The Department of Media Study encourages students to attain internships and study abroad experiences.  DMS has a number of partnerships with local companies, galleries, organizations, broadcasting stations, etc., and students in the major will receive notifications of organizations seeking interns on the department Listserv. These experiences help students gain valuable, real world skills to build resumes and expand their network with working professionals. 

The Department of Media Study is continually developing new partnerships for summer, winter and semester-long internships with media studios and corporations. We encourage students to explore their own internship opportunities (at production studios, local TV studios, and media access centers, for example). In the past, students have interned with the David Letterman show, MTV, NYC-TV, Tricoast Studios, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, the Black Entertainment Network (BET), Human Code, Fireant Design, The Rachael Ray show (NYC), and the Buffalo Pan Am Exposition project. 

For more information, contact Elaine Schwartz, the Internship Coordinator at elainesc@buffalo.edu

How to Start

Step 1

Find an internship that interests you. Contact an organization of your choice, reply to an organizations intern request from the Listserv or visit the Experiential Learning Center to research internship opportunities. 

Step 2

When you have identified a host organization, notify the Department of Media Study internship coordinator, Elaine Schwartz. She will help you identify a Faculty Sponsor from the Department of Media Study and assist you with required internship documentation as well as permissions for force-registration into DMS 496.

Step 3

Your internship supervisor must send the coordinator:

  1. a detailed description of your duties
  2. the start and end times of the internship and
  3. the expected number of hours to be completed  

If the internship is approved for credit, you must compose a final report outlining your experiences. At the close of the internship, your supervisor must send the coordinator a report evaluating your performance. The faculty sponsor will then assign your grade using both reports.

Recent Organizations Where Our Students Have Held Internships

Albright-Knox Art Gallery
CEPA Gallery
Full Circle Studios
Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center
Squeaky Wheel: Buffalo Media Resources
WBFO NPR member station
UB Athletics

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I identify internship opportunities?

Students are encouraged to explore their own internship possibilities by contacting businesses and organizations that interest them.  Also, the department is regularly contacted with requests for interns which are shared on the department student listserv. 

How do I sign up for an internship?

Contact Elaine Schwartz, the department secretary at elainesc@buffalo.edu. She will give you instructions, the required documents and she will force register you in DMS 496.

Can I do an internship if I am an international student?

If you are an international student, you MUST contact the International Student Services office for authorization before you can start work of any kind in the US.

How am I graded for an internship?

Students identify a faculty member to sponsor their internship. They will work in partnership with the internship organization to determine your grade based upon your performance. 

How many credit hours will my internship be? 

The internship coordinator, Elaine Schwartz, and your faculty sponsor will work with you to determine the number of credits for your internship. Generally, the amount of internship credits are based on the total hours you work with the internship organization:

  • 50 hours a semester = 1 credit hour
  • 100 hours a semester = 2 credit hours
  • 150 hours a semester = 3 credit hours
  • 200 hours a semester = 4 credit hours (maximum)
  • Hours worked over 200 are for experience only.