DMS is pleased to announce a series of events celebrating 50+ years since Gerald O’Grady established the Center for Media Study at UB. It was here, in 1973, well before any other university had a program explicitly devoted to media art, that O'Grady founded a media study program to investigate, teach, and make media art in all forms. Since then, DMS has developed an international reputation for its pioneering contributions to experimental film, video, and sound art. Today this tradition of innovation and experimentation continues through faculty and students engaged in emerging media practices and scholarship that continue to push the boundaries of the field. Please join us in celebrating our first half-century as we look forward to shaping the next!

To be included in the mailing list for future events and updated on ways to get involved with this celebration, email Elaine Schwartz ( To support the legacy and growth of DMS, please consider a contribution to the Media Study Resource Fund.

The inaugural installment of DMS@50+ will take place on Sunday, October 8th with a FREE SCREENING at the Buffalo International Film Festival.

This FREE SCREENING will feature work by faculty from the 'Buffalo Heads’ era (1973-1990) – Steina Vasulka + Woody Vasulka, Tony Conrad, Gerald O'Grady, Peter Weibel, James Blue, Paul Sharits + Hollis Frampton! Following the screening, there will be a discussion about the year-long event and ways for YOU to get involved.