Careers in Music

George Caldwell, professor of Jazz.
A concert in Slee Hall.
Music composition.

As a member of our community, students can incorporate cultural, historical, theoretical and practical study as they explore a myriad of career choices. Many of our undergraduate students pursue a master's degree, while others continue on to the doctorate. The career opportunities below are just a sampling of what can be done with different levels of music education. 

  • Accompanist
  • Applied music instructor
  • Arranger
  • Audio engineer
  • Band musician
  • Choral conductor
  • Church/synagogue musician
  • College music professor
  • Composer - Arranger
  • Concert soloist
  • Conductor
  • Conservatory or music school instructor
  • Music critic
  • Music director
  • Music editor
  • Music librarian
  • Music producer
  • Music salesperson
  • Music teacher
  • Music technologist
  • Music therapist
  • Opera singer
  • Orchestra musician
  • Organ builder
  • Organist/choir director
  • Performer
  • Piano tuner/technician
  • Private music instructor
  • School band director
  • Songwriter
  • Symphony orchestra musician
  • Vocalist