Experiential Learning Opportunities

The UB Department of Music encourages graduate students to seek valuable experience outside the classroom and our students have the freedom to engage in instructor-led initiatives or construct their own music projects, such as, most recently, Wooden Cities, Null Point and the Sotto Voce Vocal Collective.   They have many other opportunities including:

Performance Opportunities


Sotto Voce Vocal Collective led by Composition PhD student Jessie Downs

Applied Music Lessons

Graduate music students may take applied music lessons* with expert faculty musicians in piano, trombone, tuba percussion, piano, harp, organ, harpsichord, guitar, voice, violin, viola, cello, double bass, saxophone, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn or trumpet. 

*Please note that students are required to audition before they begin lessons. 

National Conferences

To help graduate students immerse themselves in their disciplines and broaden their exposure to the musical community, all while building a strong network of contacts, the department encourages participation in national music conferences, such as the American Musicological Society (AMS) and Society for Music Theory (SMT), and international festivals such as those at Royaument, Lucerne, Aspen and Tanglewood. 

June in Buffalo

June in Buffalo, a festival and conference dedicated to composers, takes place at the University at Buffalo annually. Participating UB graduate students benefit from contact with advanced composition students from around the globe, distinguished faculty composers and professional performers. June in Buffalo offers an intensive schedule of seminars, lectures, workshops, professional presentations, participant forums and open rehearsals, as well as afternoon and evening concerts open to the general public and critics. Each of the invited composers will have one of his/her pieces performed during the festival. Evening performances feature faculty composers, resident ensembles and soloists renowned internationally as interpreters of contemporary music.

Lecture Series

The Department of Music hosts lectures given by dynamic scholars in a variety of musical disciplines, including Historical Musicology, Music Theory and Composition. Graduate students are encouraged to meet and engage in productive dialogue with visiting lecturers. Recent speakers include Zachary Bernstein of the Eastman School of Music, Theodore Cateforis of Syracuse University and Colin Rous of the University of Kansas.

Wooden Cities rehearsal.

Wooden Cities performing at Pausa Art House; Photo by Megan Metté