MM in Performance: Instrumental and Voice

Members of the UB Choir with Professor Claudia Brown.

Course requirements

The following is the approved normal course of study for students pursuing the MM degree in Instrumental or Vocal Performance. In all cases a student's particular program should be determined in consultation with his/her academic advisor. Customized tracks, including substitutions for required and elective courses, are encouraged. These must be planned in advance with the advisor and will require the approval of the Music Department Graduate Committee.

Lessons at the Graduate Level on the Major Instrument or Voice 16 credits
MUS 560-598 — Studio Lessons, for 4 semesters
[each emphasis has its course own number; see catalogue]
Departmental Ensembles & Performance Specialties 8 credits
Ensembles (as appropriate to emphasis)

MUS 547 — Contemporary Ensemble (at least 1 semester required)
MUS 538 — UB Symphony Orchestra
MUS 540 — Chamber Music
MUS 543 — Percussion Ensemble
MUS 550 — Opera Workshop
MUS 551 — Choir
MUS 556-557 — Jazz Ensemble
4 – 8

Performance Specialties


e.g. MUS 513, 514, 600, or 635 as specified for individual emphases or additional performances electives.

0 – 4
Academic Seminars 12 credits
Music History

MUS 515-517 — Studies in Music History
MUS 525-530 — Music History Survey
4 – 8

Music Theory


MUS 555 — Studies in Music Theory [required for all M.M. students]
MUS 554 — Studies in Music Theory [more advanced seminar topics]
MUS 607-608 — Contemporary Music Materials
MUS 621 — Schenker 1 [appropriate for specialists in tonal music]

4 – 8
Total Required Credits 36

Foreign Language Requirement (Voice Only)

One foreign language (usually German, French or Italian), and a special examination in the diction of all three of these languages.

Recording Request Form

Students giving degree recitals (MusB or MM) in Baird Recital Hall or Lippes Concert Hall electing to have their recitals recorded by the Department of Music must complete, and submit a Recital Recording Request Form and process payment here. The Marketplace form and payment be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the recital date in order to ensure recording of a recital.


Additional Performance Concentrations

Students are accepted for these degree tracks on a case-by-case basis. Please review the requirements and contact James Currie, director of Graduate Studies, with questions. 

Accompanist form

Fill out this form and submit it to the music office no later than 4 weeks before the event.


Request a packet from Phil Rehard at for your comprehensive recital planning requirements or download the packet below.