Kyle Zumpano.

Kyle Zumpano

BS in Psychology, UB;
PhD student, Biology

As a Psychology major at UB, I was given the opportunity to choose from a broad and diverse selection of Psychology courses providing me with an extensive understanding of the field. This allowed me to explore my interests and discover new passions within psychology. For example, when I took Biopsychology, I became enamored with behavioral neuroscience and psychophysics. This experience drove me to join a laboratory in the Psychology Department as an undergraduate research assistant. Furthermore, I was extremely impressed with how knowledgeable my UB professors were and their enthusiasm towards teaching. This helped me approach them whenever I had questions.

The UB Psychology degree exceedingly prepared me for graduate school as a doctoral student. I was able to hone my scientific writing skills and learn the dos and don’ts. I also learned how to approach researching a topic and analyzing scientific literature. Most importantly, it prepared me well as a researcher and as a scientist.

If you are a student considering majoring in Psychology at UB, I would tell you that it is very important to understand the scientific process and to develop a strong understanding of statistics. These skills will help you tremendously throughout your undergraduate career. It is also important to work on reading and analyzing scientific literature.