Careers in Psychology

Students working in Prof. Larry Hawk's behavioral health lab.

Students acquire hands-on experience in Prof. Larry Hawk's Behavioral Health Lab

Psychology offers many exciting and rewarding career options. Psychology students develop an essential skill set that includes an understanding of the scientific method and psychological principles, critical analysis, problem solving, evaluation of evidence, statistical analysis and scientific writing. These skills build a foundation for the workforce or continued education in virtually any field.

Psychology Majors

Our undergraduate majors have continued on to a wide range of careers, reflecting the breadth of psychology. Some examples include:

  • Clinical practice in psychology (with PhD in psychology) or psychiatry (with MD and residency)
  • Counseling (with further education at the Master’s level): mental health, vocational, rehabilitation, probation, alcohol and drug, school or social work
  • Public health (streamlined application to UB's Master of Public Health program): behavior modification management, caseworker, occupational therapist, administration of hospitals and mental health facilities, medical technician
  • Basic and applied research: research psychologist (with PhD in psychology), research assistant, market researcher, program evaluator for government agencies, personnel manager, public relations specialist
  • Education: college professor (with PhD in psychology), teacher, vocational rehabilitation counselor, guidance counselor, youth worker
  • Criminal justice, probation officer
  • Statistics, data analysis and computer programming
  • Work in neuroscience: laboratory technician, pharmaceutical sales, science advocate, laboratory animal care technician, medical technician
  • Allied fields involving veterinary medicine, zoos, parks and aquariums
James Adegbite UB Celebration of Academic Excellence.

Psychology student James Adegbite at the UB Celebration of Academic Excellence

Master's and PhD Graduates

Our Master’s and PhD graduates have gone on to prominent positions in many areas of psychology. Some examples include:

  • Basic research: psychological scientist, research professor, research director, research/data analyst, postdoctoral researcher, lab manager, laboratory technician
  • Applied research: program or agency director, market researcher
  • Education: college professor, lecturer, higher education administrator
  • Clinical practice in psychology: staff psychologist, psychologist in private practice 
  • Counseling: mental health, vocational, residential, rehabilitation, probation, alcohol and drug
  • Other applied practice: clinic director, behavioral specialist