PSY 101 Research Requirements

All students in PSY 101 must complete a research requirement as part of the course. This requirement involves earning 9 research credits by: (1) serving as a research participant in studies being conducted in the psychology department, and/or (2) writing research reports on psychological research published in scholarly journals.

Research Requirement Information – This document contains important details and instructions about the policies and procedures of the RPG research requirement. It tells you everything you need to know to understand and successfully complete the requirement, so you should read it very carefully! This document is also distributed by the RPG Coordinator in each PSY 101 class during the 1st week of the semester.

Sona-Systems Instructions – This document details how to login, sign up for experiments, check credits, etc. on the Sona-Systems website.

Research Report Instructions – This document provides instructions on how to complete the report option of the research requirement. If you choose to do this option, you must follow these instructions exactly. Partial credit for reports that do not meet each of the guidelines will not be granted (no exceptions).