What are the Social Sciences?

The social sciences refer to a broad group of academic disciplines that focus on the individual, social, and cultural elements of human experience, the structure and function of societies and institutions, and the relationships among people and groups. Researchers in the social sciences draw on a diverse set of theories, methodologies, and modes of analysis to tackle complex problems in our world. 

The Social Sciences Interdisciplinary program integrates the strengths of numerous departments across UB, including anthropology, economics, geography, history, linguistics, political science, psychology, and sociology to offer students a unique undergraduate curriculum based on critical thinking and real-world application. 

Why Did You Choose Social Sciences Interdisciplinary?

“I was able to take classes in a variety of departments and apply them effectively to my area of study. I think this allowed me a greater understanding of my field through the perspectives of various disciplines.” – Anna, BA ‘18

“I chose IDP because it allowed me to personalize my university education. For me, IDP was the best way to pursue my interests in policy development, sociology/social change, and the relationships between people and places while developing a strong background in research theory/methodology and experiential learning.” – Avery, BA ‘21