Sociology and Criminology at UB

The Department of Sociology and Criminology offers a vibrant, stimulating intellectual home for our undergraduate students, graduate students and expert faculty.

Undergraduate Students

Our undergraduate students encounter a wide range of fascinating courses that enhance critical thinking and understanding of our rapidly changing social world. Majors with interests in the social aspects of health, law or globalization may choose one of four specializations: Health and Society; Crime, Law and Justice; Applied Social Science Research; and Global Sociology. These fields prepare students with career goals in health-related, legal or internationally-oriented professions. A new BA/MA program in Applied Social Research has also been designed to provide research skills for students seeking research-based careers in the private or public sectors.

Graduate Students

Whether pursuing a master's or doctoral degree, our graduate students become independent researchers, receiving well-rounded and advanced training in sociological theory, research methods (qualitative and quantitative), and substantive areas including family and the life course; law and social policy; social inequalities; and urban sociology. Many graduate students practice and develop their teaching skills through teaching assistantships and lectureships. Additionally, graduate students are mentored closely by faculty, benefit from regular pro-seminars and visiting speakers, and take advantage of peer support within a tight-knit cohort.

How would you describe the UB Department of Sociology and Criminology?

"All of my classes were engaging and challenging and the faculty created a welcoming learning environment." – Anna Shoemaker, BA '09 


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